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In addition, most of the products and chemicals used by the natural gas industries are hazardous as well. This necessitates full…
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Documentary Reflection assignment
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Documentary reflection The documentary is Gasland: Can you light your water on fire? It is evident that drilling and fracturing activities have a myriad of adverse effects to both human and animal life, and the general environment. In addition, most of the products and chemicals used by the natural gas industries are hazardous as well. This necessitates full disclosure the information regarding the chemical content of any product from such industries plus the number of health effects associated with each of the chemical. The public deserves access to such information. This could acquaint them with the possible risks and other adverse effects related emission of gas from industries, fracking, and drilling activities. Such information is a prerequisite for them to make informed decisions about fracturing.
Most products have the capability of causing defects to the endocrine system thus affecting development and reproduction in human and wildlife. Others are known to affect the skin, eyes, sensory organs, respiratory system, and liver. In addition, they have adverse effect on the general environment, soil, water, and air. As such, it is important to have fracturing contractors reveal full information about their products to the public. Natural gas manufacturer too, are obliged to reveal the chemical contents and effects of their products. However, a major drawback associated with this is that, most of them rely on Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDA) for product information. Seemingly, it has been discovered that many MSDSs provide unreliable fragmented information. This therefore hinders the public access to full information about products and related chemicals.
As a fact, the Chevron company should have full disclosure of its product and chemicals associated with fracturing and natural gas manufacturing may not only enable people to know about their adverse effects on health alone but may also enable them to be conversant with the air and water quality they consume. This is very significant in developing air and water quality monitoring protocols. Those living near natural gas development industries stand to benefit the most from such information. Besides all these, such information could be very important for the public to make decisions about the regulation of the fracturing and drilling activities.
Thus, based on deep analysis of the movie, it can be concluded that the general public deserves to be informed about the effects of gas products from industries, fracturing and drilling industries in order to enlighten and make them take necessary precaution.
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Gasland: Can you light your water on fire? Dir. Fox, Josh. Perf. Seeger, Pete, Cheney, Dick and Fox, Josh. HBO Documentary Films, 2011. Film. Read More
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Documentary Reflection Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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