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Green building is the process where structures that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient are used throughout the lifecycle of a building. The common objectives of green buildings are to have a reduction on the impact that is caused by the built environment on…
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Sustainable Buildings
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Green building trends in Canada affiliation Green building trends in Canada Green building is the process where structures that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient are used throughout the lifecycle of a building. The common objectives of green buildings are to have a reduction on the impact that is caused by the built environment on the health of humans and the natural environment. Much focus in today’s world is being put on the sustainability of the environment as people are beginning to find a balance between the sustainability and growth of the economy. In fact, several countries that have developed including United Kingdom, japan have had strict environmental policies implemented to help in enhancing the environmental quality and thus preserving the resources sustainability (Gottfried & Malik, 2009).
According to McDonald (2005), Canada’s green building is growing vigorously in the market. The prediction of the increased activity of green building is widely done by several firms that suggest that at the overall share of green buildings in the market is likely to grow at a stronger pace. While Canada’s construction market is smaller compared to the one seen in the United States and the data used in building a green building share in the U.S are not available in Canada. The top environmental main reason Canada is constructing green buildings is to reduce the consumption of energy. Water and energy consumption as well as improving the quality of air that is indoor are the driving factors. There is a lower greenhouse gases emission during construction.
The future if green building in both the United States and Canada is seen to be in a good place several years to come if they master the skill of cross- disciplinary. Since communities are integrated with their natural environments, the industries must, therefore, master these skills. Several institutions of education in both United States and Canada are offering courses in green building that target sectors that are specific sectors. This will ensure proper knowledge and skills are imparted, and the future of green building lay safely.
Gottfried, D., & Malik, H. (2009). Perspectives on green building. Renewable Energy Focus, 10, 38–41. doi:10.1016/S1755-0084(09)70233-9
McDonald, R. C. (2005). The economics of green building in Canada: Highlighting seven keys to cost effective green building. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses.
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Sustainable Buildings Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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