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Lab report 2 - Assignment Example

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The wavelength dial was rotated and 510nm was selected. The cell was then filled with 25 ml of lake water. Content of one Ferro Ver Iron pillow reagent powder was then added and the readings taken
pressed. The wavelength dial was rotated and 530 nm was selected. The…
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Lab report 2

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Download file to see previous pages This may be because of the hypochloric acid which is added on swimming pool to prevent bacterial infection. However, the blanks chlorine concentration was slightly high than the samples this may have been brought about by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lab 2

.... The aim of this paper is to report on the experiment that was carried out to determine the relationship between the spatial information and the functioning of the brain (Coren & Girgus 1980). Methods The study involved 34 participants from the upper-level psychology class. The participants were expected to participate voluntarily in the study. There were two main variables used in the experiment. The dependent variable was determined by the ability of the participants to detect a change in the stimuli. On the other hand, there were two independent variables were the gestalt presence and the stimulus change. There were two classes of gestalt. The first class was presented by the absence of the gestalt whereas the other...
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Lab 2

.... Strength of a base is dependent on concentration of OH- ions produced. On the pH scale, basicity of a substance increases from 7 to 14: 7 being neutral and 14 being strongest base (one that generates maximum OH- ions when dissolved). Name two acid and bases that you often use. Acids: Milk, Orange Juice Bases: Soap, Tooth paste Cube Dimensions Surface Area (cm2) Volume (cm3) Surface Area : Volume Time Required for Complete Color Change Distance of Diffusion 1 cm X 1 cm X 1 cm 6 1 6:1 3 min 0.50 cm 1 cm X 2 cm X 2 cm 16 4 4:1 2 min 50 sec 0.30 cm 1 cm X 1 cm X 6 cm 36 6 6:1 2 min 42 sec 0.48 cm How did the surface area effect the diffusion of the cube? What about the...
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Lab Research Report 2: Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation

..., which involve heavy emission of carbon in the atmosphere. This body will be entrusted with legislations of laws and standards that must be followed by signatories, failure to which heavy fines would be imposed. For example, industries that emit a lot of carbon in the atmosphere would be required to follow certain standards to reduce emission of carbon in the atmosphere. References Bhattacharya, B. B. (2012). Global Warming: Cause, Effect and Mitigation. INSPIRE Science Camp. ISM, Dhanbad. Bray, D., & von Storch, H. (2009). Prediction' or 'Projection; The nomenclature of climate science. Science Communication, 30 (4): 534–543 IPCC (2007). Climate Change 2007, Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC. Cambridge, United...
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Lab Report 2

...Forensic molecular Biology Lab s) 2008 Crimes and criminal has become an integrated part of human society and the constant evolution of criminal procedure and sophistication used by criminals makes it huge task for crime investigators to identified criminals. The biggest challenges in front of forensic experts includes very little sample at crime site, mixing up of evidences, and many cases completely burn victims etc DNA based criminal identification and crime detection has revolutionized the forensic investigation due to its huge potential in different kind of crime and highly reliable scientific procedure which can be used directly as evidence or proof in court. Short tandem repeat or STR is polymorphic DNA loci...
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Lab Report 2: On the Significance of Correlation

...the variable gender using 0 to represent females and 1 to represent males and ‘fall asleep while driving using a 1 for yes and a 2 for no n response to the question – ‘Have you ever fallen asleep while driving?’ the results are represented in Table 1. Descriptive Statistics N Minimum Maximum Mean Std. Deviation Sex 271 0 1 .45 .498 asleep while driving 249 1 2 1.88 .331 Valid N (listwise) 249 Correlations sex fall asleep while driving Sex Pearson Correlation 1 .194** Sig. (2-tailed) .002 N 271 249 fall asleep while driving Pearson Correlation .194** 1 Sig. (2-tailed) .002 N 249 249 **. Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed). Table...
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Lab Report #2

... Summary Sheet Objective The core purpose of this study is to measure diverse objects’ lengths, masses, which will be essential in computing their volumes and densities with the aid diverse measuring lab equipments. Method Experiment’s procedure entailed taking lengths and diameters readings of copper wire together with diverse cylindrical objects to compute their densities besides their volumes (Wilson & Cecilia 243). This was via tabulating four independent readings coupled with taking their mean as the final and correct reading. Results Regardless of the experiment carried out with high level of keenness, readings’ deviations were inevitable owing to the unintentional tools’ errors. Besides, the mode of reading especially... ...
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Lab report

...SUMMARY SHEET Physics Laboratory Report -- Equilibrium of a Rigid Body Objective To be able to determine the center of gravity of a rigid body andpositions of weights with reference to that center that would establish equilibrium of forces and torques Method Obtain the weight (in Newton) of the meter stick and the average weight of the three meter stick clamps. Balance the meter stick in one of the clamps to determine its center of gravity. Place a clamp on one end of the stick to carry a 100-gram weight and slide the stick through the supporting clamp to locate the balance (position of the axis of rotation). Then place another clamp with a 200-g suspension and repeat the same previous step. Record positions with respect...
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Lab Report

... Last 4 digits of ID: 7989 Section: Lab Spring Laboratory 7:  Ecological Niche (15 points) Part I: Definitions and Backgroundinformation 1. The niche of an organism is the overall interactions of an organism with other organisms and its range of needs (Properties of microbes). 2. Organisms might compete for food, light, and space. 3. Evolution is the process of gradual development of organisms from simple structures to intricate forms over time. Competition affects the process of evolution in that the organism that is able to compete favorably for the available resources survives and continues to thrive, whereas the organism that cannot compete favorably dies and becomes extinct. Part II: Results Table 1: Effects of Temperature... on...
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... Electrical Resistance Strain Gages A strain is the motion of particle displacement when a material experiences an external force. Under a typical extensional strain, strain is the measure of a movement when adjacent particles in a body undergo a displacement due to external loading. Mathematically, the strain is a non-dimensional parameter calculated by dividing the change in length by the original length. The mathematical formula is presented as follows Normal Strain; however, since the strain is minuscule, it is defined as microstrain (µɛ). Direct measurement of strain is impossible; therefore, other approaches are required to facilitate the calculation. Specifically, the most common and accepted method of measuring strain... Electrical...
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Write a complete laboratory report that covers all three experiments for Lab 2 Water Quality and Contamination

...Laboratory Report on Water Quality and Contamination In this report, we explore the element of water quality and contamination. Water is the most valuable and certainly the most important resource that we have in the universe. For survival, people, animals, and plants need water. The ecosystem relies on water, as flora and fauna not only require water for drinking, but also for food production, shelter creation, among others. Water also plays a big role in transforming the surface of the earth the various topographic characteristics covering the earth surface today. It is important to note that although water comprises at least 70% of the earth, only about 1% percent of this water is fresh water, and the...
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