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Definition and Meaning of Environment - Assignment Example

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 This essay discusses important to protect the environment. The environment is not only a moral obligation but also a law to sustain in a broader perspective. The essay considers hazards which airborne contaminants which are biological contaminants like fumes, gases, mists, dust…
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Definition and Meaning of Environment
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Download file to see previous pages So the environment is the foundation for the human sustenance and growth and we need to protect it at all costs. According to ( Beggs,2012) “The regulation of practices that affect the environment has been a relatively recent development in the United States, but it is a good example of government intervention in the economy for a social purpose”.
2. Risk controls can be categorized into three types mainly; prevention, detection, and correction. In this type of risk control, there are controls to prevent the harm and loss from occurring. Like authorizing people in an organization with different tasks and having specific experts for hazard management can avoid problems. In detection, activities are monitored to identify risky behaviors and actions. In corrective type, the controls are made to restore the system or process to a normal position like as in state prior to the harmful event. Factors leading to hazard can be an unrefined authority, inappropriate hiring system, unhygienic atmosphere and unplanned management. For example, if the employee having less professional knowledge of hazard management, handling hazardous materials can bring forth a lot of mishaps, accidents, conflicts, and chaos.
3. The nine classes of hazardous material by D.O.T are 1) Explosives 2) Gases 3) Flammable and combustible liquid 4) Flammable solid, spontaneously combustible and dangerous when wet 5)Oxidizer and Organic Peroxide 6) Poison and Poison Inhalation Hazard 7)Radioactive 8)Corrosive 9) Miscellaneous. One of the news articles which research on acid has been detailed to understand its nature and hazardous effect. This article titled “Rise of Acid Ocean eats away the base of the food chain” explains the effect of acidic content in the ocean on its marine life. As per (Connor,2014 ) “Rising amounts of carbon dioxide dissolving in the ocean is causing the acid corrosion of tiny sea creatures that form the base of the marine food chain, scientists have discovered”.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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