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The influence of economic and political forces on environmental policy development - Assignment Example

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While the government has embarked on several plans to overcome this disaster, climatology experts predict that the effects of the constantly spreading drought are…
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The influence of economic and political forces on environmental policy development
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Download file to see previous pages s, scientists, farmers, ranchers, and climatologists agree that there is urgent need to avail enough water for the purposes of harnessing the agricultural potential of Texas. Even with the rains coming to Texas in the near future, the meteorological department warns that the process of desertification shall go on for more than a century into the future. This is a worrying trend given that Texas comes only second in agricultural production behind the state of California.
There are several political and economic issues which should be addressed on this front. While this is a campaign plan, the issues are real and affect all Texans on equal measure. First of all, besides worrying about the conditions of their lawns and gardens, Texans should be aware of the fact that drought affects agriculture with far-reaching effects. The drought increases the cost of inputs of production translating to higher prices for products to the final consumer. The loss of agricultural productivity will not only affect Texans; the rest of the country will have to compensate for the slowing output through higher prices and raised taxes. Scientists have predicted that it is almost inevitable for drought conditions to manifest in Texas (Kelly, 2009).
The rainfall models and history for this state and concluded that desertification is eminent. Producing over 50% of the cotton and over 30% of the wheat in the United States, Texas is an agricultural pillar that should not be left to wither. The year 2011 saw to a loss of $3.18 billion in the combined cotton, hay, wheat, sorghum, and corn. Ranchers in the same year had to transport cattle to water points, fetch water and transport it to the cattle, or lose their businesses entirely. In the livestock sector, a total loss of $2.06 billion was recorded. The agricultural sector in general lost at least $8.7 billion in 2011. These costs continue rising as the drought persists in its ravaging (Lauren & Scott, 2011).
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