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The video starts by introducing the landscape of the city and the inhabitants of it. It is delightful to understand how much people enjoy being in this city .To…
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Topic Reflection Paper The video here is all about Brazil and a in this country called cocobita which is shown to be a place to cherish. The video starts by introducing the landscape of the city and the inhabitants of it. It is delightful to understand how much people enjoy being in this city .To watch the cleanliness and happiness of the city residents is an amazing fact . The peculiar and outstanding fact about this city is the person behind the popularity of this urban area. The focus of the video is mayor of the city, who has been the backbone for the development of the city. His determination and strategically planning has been highlighted in the video clip.
The interesting fact about this video clip is how it elaborates about the history of the city in precise time in a compact manner. The video has extensively covered all the major efforts of the mayor and also gives a brief and well versed political background of the mayor. The video is compiled in a catchy manner, where in the audience get a bird’s eye view of the city mentioned in the clip. The clip shows the gratitude and honor the city dwellers carry in their mind for the city which is truly appreciative. It is impressive to see the love the people have for the city and to hear how they would like to remain in this place forever. The video clip is presented in a special manner where there is a surprise element.
When the video clip starts, it seems to be just like a short documentary about a city in brazil, but as it proceeds it slowly reveal the sole purpose of it. It interestingly and surprisingly reveals the aim of unleashing the unique personality of the mayor who changed the face of a Brazilian city. The video introduces the Mayor who is honored by all since many years because of his dedication to the city and the state as a whole. His plan for the city and the implementation of it is evident in all nook and corner of the city. He changed the infrastructure of the city roads and established road system for comfortable traffic movements. The contribution of the mayor is majorly evident in this video and the manner in which people idolize him is outstanding.
The video showcases the mayor ship of this celebrated person of Brazil and his strategy of cleaning the slums and poor and unclean areas of Brazil. The poor were motivated to collect garbage in return of fresh vegetables and fruits which was a great nutritional aid to them. It is also hair rising to watch the road design implemented by the Mayor for the up gradation of city, which in many years proved as a foundation for the developed city. The video shows the popularity and honor people carry for the Mayor who was served the city for many years. The most extraordinary aspect of the video is that it projects a person who is disinterested in power and wealth but solely desires the wellbeing of his home town and people. Read More
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