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Environmental studies and ecological sustainability - Assignment Example

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The paper highlights the role played by Aboriginal people in appreciating the similarities that existed between social relationship and ecological relationship in their undertakings. Indigenous knowledge, also referred to as Traditional Ecological Knowledge, features as another dominant phrase within the paper…
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Environmental studies and ecological sustainability
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Download file to see previous pages The main themes include the element of place and time in constituting environmental management knowledge. Apparently, the Aboriginal people took into consideration the importance of place in developing their indigenous knowledge on ecology. The authors assert that these people derived their ecological relationship principles by recognizing the influence of the variable and complex lowland river ecology of the Darling River system around their habitat (Muir, Deborah and Sullivan 262). One area of interest is when the writers develop a contrast on the aspect of place between western cultures and that adopted within the indigenous knowledge. It creates a distinction between western theories and indigenous principles. In addition, another theme that develops within the text regards human conflict of interest and ecological management. Based on principles adopted by indigenous knowledge, specifically the Aboriginal people of Australia, the state of environment reflect the nature of human beings living within that eco-system (Muir, Deborah and Sullivan 264). This theme extrapolates the connection between social and ecological system within any given society.
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Janis Alcorn and Antoinette Royo are the primary authors of the articles on a reputable social movement of the Dayak village in Indonesia. Both authors work for Washington’s Biodiversity Support Program. The program, which is supported by numerous non-profit organizations including USAID, deals with programs aimed at addressing challenges facing the world’s biological diversity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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