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Water as a Human Right - Research Paper Example

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The author of this paper "Water as a Human Right" casts light on the essence of water. As the text has it, water has progressively become a scarce resource in many parts of the world owing to the global climatic changes associated with global warming. …
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Water as a Human Right
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Extract of sample "Water as a Human Right"

Download file to see previous pages Efforts by national and international organizations to find ways of addressing the global water crisis face significant setbacks including dilemmas on the water rights, the responsibility of managing water resources and ownership and whether water should be categorized as a tradable good (Chamberlain 2008).
Environmental activists have applied different moral theories to support and detest activities and decisions surrounding the usage of water resources and other natural resources. The pluralistic teleological account on what makes an action a virtue, justifies the virtues of environmental activism, stewardship, sustainability, and effective communion with nature (Sandler 2009). Environmental ethicists emphasize on incorporation human-independent ends in all ethical decisions surrounding the environment. According to Traer (2010), Access to water and air form fundamental human rights hence the need for ethical decision makers on the use of water and air to focus on providing access of clean water and air to all people.
Following the growing problem in the accessibility of safe water in different parts of the world, different international organizations such as the UN and the World Health Organizations have been on the forefront in advocating for the recognition of saving water accessibility as a human right (Moench 2003). The concept of property rights and privatization has extended into the prevailing debate on the water as a human right. Application of this concept on the water resource continues to elicit several ethical issues based on environment virtues. This paper explores the moral reasoning and ethical principles surrounding the view of water as a human right with the aim of developing a moral stance on the issue.
Endorsement of water as a fundamental human right by the UN Committee on Human Rights has been explained through the moral view of water as a necessity to the survival of humankind (Bleisch 2006). Owing to the inseparable connection between life and water, environmental ethicists view accessibility of to clean drinking water as a fundamental moral right.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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