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St. Helens mainly situated in Washington constitutes one of the most calamitous volcanic mountains in US besides being a fascinating tourist region (Samson 310). Hence, being a global envy due to its 400 view sites meant for tourists who normally frequent the region to have…
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Environmental Geology
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Mt. St. Helens national park Mt. St. Helens mainly situated in Washington constitutes one of the most calamitous volcanic mountains in US besides being a fascinating tourist region (Samson 310). Hence, being a global envy due to its 400 view sites meant for tourists who normally frequent the region to have a glimpse of the mountain besides its rich ecosystem that encompasses wildlife. Its crater resembles the shape of horseshoe, which adds to its beauty for tourist attraction especially when viewed from far. The mountain in 1980, due to its worst ever volcanic activity rated as the most deadly incident that occurred in US (Samson 312). The Disaster yielded both to economic and life loss where fifty-seven people died besides obliteration of 250 homes and the region’s infrastructure.
Additionally, the mountain also comprises of crater glacier that has an ice thickness raging amid 1 to 2 meters, thus making it young geologically. The mountain besides having glaciated valleys during eruption incidences, it comprises of three rivers namely Toutle, Kalama and Lewis where their purposes entail recreational and power generation (Samson 17). For illustration, lewis, which feeds three dams mainly for hydropower production, is helpful to the park itself and society.
The park has its contribution regarding environmental degradation setbacks that have affected the area besides humanity and wildlife. The frequent eruption incidences witnessed on the mountain comprises production of obnoxious gases like Chlorine and HFCs that contribute to the destruction of ozone (GVP). However, this feature to numerous populaces may not be clear, but scientifically it is evident that volcano eruptions normally comprise of harmful gases that enhance global warming. This is due to the obliteration of the ozone layer that is liable for filtration of harmful solar rays to human. The eruptions besides destroying the surrounding forest cover, it also yields to wildlife destruction that adorns the mountain.
The destruction inevitable because no known human efforts or any known remedy can salvage both the forest and wildlife. According to some concerns emanating from environmentalists, they stated that, the augmenting volcanic ash might yield to prolonged negative impacts like freezing, crop destruction or horrific hazards (GVP). This is an indication that, in the future these occurrences may render the region unfruitful because the economic factors that mark the place mighty become extinct. Its eruption yields to burning of numerous insects hence destroying ecosystem that abound the area besides rendering the roads that border the region impassable.
The lava flow emanating from the mountain over time once it solidifies geologists have associated it with underlying metals that characterize St. Helens mining district (USGS). Despite the region having metals deposits, its quantity is immaterial and normally lies in the south-central section. This implies that the insignificant deposits are unreliable for mineralizing stability of the state’s economy. To the date, of all the metals explored in the region, it is only copper that has proved to have significant quantities. The region also has rocks that emanate from the solidification of the past flowing lava, which comprises layers of varied ages. Mainly, the rocks encompass volcanic siltstones and andesitic.
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Environmental Geology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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