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An Analytical Study of the Earthquakes as a Natural Disaster - Research Paper Example

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This paper examines natural disasters on a global level. It focuses on the phenomenon of earthquakes and identifies the main components of earthquakes. This paper, therefore, analyzes the scope and effects of these natural events and identifies the main elements of it…
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An Analytical Study of the Earthquakes as a Natural Disaster
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Extract of sample "An Analytical Study of the Earthquakes as a Natural Disaster"

Download file to see previous pages “An earthquake is a series of vibrations or seismic (shock) waves which originate from the focus – the point at which the plates release their tension or compression suddenly”. Earthquakes involve the phenomenon where the earth surface shakes at certain points in time. It involves some kind of vibration that is emitted from deep within the earth's crust. Earthquakes result from some shocks that are remitted from within the earth's surface which is felt on the land and in the sea. Earthquakes often cause the damage of building and destruction of properties. The epicenter of an earthquake is the part of the surface of the earth which is the focus of the earthquake. Usually, the epicenter is the point on the earth where the highest impact of the earthquake occurs. Aside from the epicenter, the earthquake is felt in other lands around the epicenter. However, relative to the epicenter, the other areas affected by the earthquake is much lesser than that of the epicenter. Earthquakes are emitted by a series of shocks. There are some large shocks whilst there are other smaller shocks. These shocks shake the earth surface and are known as tremors. The tremors that occur before the earthquake are known as foreshocks whilst those that occur after the major earthquake are known as aftershocks. In terms of occurrence, there dynamics of earthquakes vary with the layer within which an earthquake emanates. Primary waves are body shocks in the earth's interior. The occur deep within the earth and close to the earth's core. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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