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Engineering Environmental Sustainability- Take Home FINAL EXAM - Assignment Example

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As shown in Fig. 13-53, the piles will be installed through a 10-m- thick, natural clay layer with ( Su/σ’v)NC= 0.25 into a sand layer with energy corrected, normalized below counts N60…
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Engineering Environmental Sustainability- Take Home FINAL EXAM
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Download file to see previous pages been subjected to uniform surcharge of 50kPa applied on the surface of soil deposit, which was later removed causing both the sand and clay layers in the current states to be over consolidated. For a 15-m- long, 500-mm drilled shaft and a geometrically identical closed-end steel pipe pile, calculate (a) the shaft capacity due to the clay layer ( divide the clay into ten sub layers of equal thickness in your calculations), (b) The shaft capacity due to the sand layer, (c) the total shaft capacity, (d) the ultimate base capacity, (e)the ultimate load capacity of the pile, (f) the allowable load based on a suitable factor of safety (without consideration of the strength of the pile cross-section), and (g) the allowable load if the compressive strength of the concrete is 15 MPa.
Let us first divide the clay layer into 10 sub layers. The current vertical effective stress at each layer and past maximum vertical effective stress for each sub layer can be calculated from given data.
The allowable axial load for the drilled shaft from geotechnical consideration is less than the allowable structural load, so, integrity of the cross section is not a concern. Therefore, the final allowable load of drilled shaft is obtained as
We can now calculate the fundamental soil properties (undrained shear strength for clay and relative density for the sand layers.) Let us first calculate undrained shear strength of the clay layers. Following ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Engineering Environmental Sustainability- Take Home FINAL EXAM Assignment.
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