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The paper "Importance of Recycling" discusses that recycling is a company that uses another company’s waste products and turns them into their product. The company helps protect the environment through minimizing waste disposal. The company can use a ground idea for its existence as its Unique Selling Point ‘USP’ in marketing…
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Importance of Recycling
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Recycled Toothbrushes Make Sense - Discussion
Answer 1: The advantages of the partnership between Recycline and Stonyfield Farm go beyond the mere supplier-manufacturer relationship. Both these companies are focused towards using eco-friendly products in order to contribute not only socially but environmentally towards the well-being of the communities in which they are doing business. Their partnership works as a mutually beneficial deal to enhance the environmental savvy image of both the companies. For Recycline, this partnership does not only cut down the costs of the company’s raw material but adds value to the image of the firm. The partnership allows Recycline to easily obtain the raw material for manufacturing the handles. And as more and more people are favoring the Go Green revolution, the availability of these plastic cups for Recycline is abundant at the collection points, where people are dropping more and more recyclable yogurt cups. Another point that favors the company is the nature of Stonyfield Farm’s product, the demand for the Stonyfield Farm yogurt will remain more or less constant with time resulting in a continuous and uninterrupted supply of yogurt cups for Recycline. The Stonyfield Farm has been in the business since 1983 and with their organic and eco-friendly products they have a much trusted reputation in the market. The corporate image and experience of Stonyfield Farm will help the new and rising Recycline to form a better and stronger impact in the market.
Answer 2: Recycline is a company that uses another company’s waste products and turns them into their product. The company helps protect environment through minimizing waste disposal. The company can use this ground idea for its existence as its Unique Selling Point ‘USP’ in marketing its products. The company can project its product as being a Green product. “Recycline relies heavily on publicity to market their brand.” (Kurtz 673) So the more the company will project its image and promote its product through media thee more marketing it will attract for its product. Hudson could use environmental magazines like Ecology, Environmental Values, Review of Environmental Economics and Policy etc. for placing its advertisements. The more coverage the company gets through readership of people interested in the Go Green notion the more popular its product will become. Another marketing strategy is the price comparison of the top brands of razors with the eco-friendly razor of Recycline for example a double razor four pack of Recycline is $5 as compared to the others that are over $15. The company can encourage people to buy Recycline and save money with a cause of helping the environment.
Answer3: The Company will have to find more sources of raw materials in order to meet the increased demands when it grows larger. Recycline will have to enter into new partnerships and arrange more cost effective and eco-friendly setups of obtaining raw material. The company should serve the slogan: SAVE MONEY & ENVIRONMENT WITH RECYCLINE.
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Kurtz, David L. Contemporary marketing. Mason: South-Western Cengage Learning, 2011. 673. Print Read More
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