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Oil drilling on federal land - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Course Date The discovery of oil pits by the earliest of civilizations and subsequent utilization of the highly flammable products served as the cornerstone of the modern oil and gas industry. Over the years, the industry through refined technology has streamlined the extraction, production, and distribution of the critical petroleum products to an ever-growing market…
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Oil drilling on federal land
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Download file to see previous pages The United States ranks first in natural gas production and third in oil production owing to increased domestic exploration, which poses uncertainty considering that the country holds about 4% of the world natural gas and oil reserves (The Wilderness Society 1). The proponents of onshore exploration justify their actions as those of seeking energy security by making use of the country’s mineral reserves. As such, millions of acres of federal lands have been leased to oil and gas companies accounting for thousands of wells drilled every year. It is for the alarming rate of this endeavor that has attracted significant scrutiny from citizens, stakeholders, and government officials calling for regulation. This follows risks involved in exploration procedures and consequent fallout effects that range from environmental effects to human health. Therefore, it is important to examine the benefits and detriments of onshore drilling with aim of evaluating its sustainability in the long term. Equally important is examination of the resolve that seeks to open federal lands and waters for oil and gas exploration. The move to enhance the use of federal lands and waters to oil and gas exploration has its benefits to the country’s energy economics. ...
With this in mind, it is important that a quick resolution to mitigate negative impacts to the economy is formulated and implemented to the letter. Leasing of federal land to oil and gas companies is seen as the best move to ensure economic stability in the country. This gives the oil industry a chance to participate effectively in domestic energy production and limit uncertainty. This is achieved though exploration of the natural resources, which is vital the country’s energy and economic security (Alleman 2). With exploration on federal lands and waters, the country becomes independent and does not rely on the foreign oil market for its energy. The potential of the US oil reserves remains unknown following restrictive federal policy on onshore drilling, and thus limits the chances of gaining energy independence. Such independence would guarantee a low cost of living owing to a significant drop in the cost of energy. Domestic onshore drilling also serves to benefit the society with regard to providing employment opportunities in various capacities ranging from primary to tertiary jobs. Drilling premises require specialized technicians, scientists, and laborers in addition to essential supporting services such as health, hospitality, and transport. This is an important aspect of the regional economy as leased federal areas benefiting from exploration activities (SWCA Environmental Consultants 4). This has been demonstrated by the state of affairs in western states where authorization has been approved. With the approval of the resolve to free up federal land, affected regions should expect a surge in the demand for skilled labor. In essence, the expansion of the energy production into ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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