Impacts of climate change on water management in Sierra Leone - Research Paper Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Impacts of Climate Change on Water Management in Sierra Leone Introduction The issue of climate change has been noted as one of the main problem to humans and the environment in modern times. It is also clear that climate change (global warming) is also a major issue in Africa because of conflicts and environmental deterioration it brings to the society…
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Impacts of climate change on water management in Sierra Leone
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Download file to see previous pages In Sierra Leone, the problem of climate change is a major focus on how it affects water management and the people who depend on it. It is necessary to analyze the relationship between climate change, water administration, and its effects on the people of Sierra Leon (Dean, James and Pavel). Sierra Leone economy is largely fueled and dependent on natural resources since agriculture is a major focus for the people. For instance, rice is a major agricultural production in the country and it is cultivated to sustain the livelihood of many. The country has historically enjoyed good temperature for cultivating with an estimate of 26.7°C from the 1960s to 1990s. However, the effects of climate change are now being experienced in Sierra Leone threatening sustainable water sources and quality food reserves. There have been many current incidents of climatic problems like droughts, landslides, heat waves, floods, thunderstorms, and changing rainfall formats. The low income earners from poor neighborhoods are the ones that suffer more for these changes because they do not have the resources to insure from such damages. For instance, poor farmers are not able to secure their crops when heavy rainfall destroys them and therefore, they are left without any source of survival (Dean, James and Pavel 84). ...
Most of these gases are as a result of human activities for example, carbon dioxide occurs when remnant fuels (oil, gas, as well as coal) are burnt. It also increases when deforestation rises since trees are responsible for absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen. Contaminants like methane result from cattle byproducts, cultivation of rice, fossil energy as well as landfills while nitrous oxide is generated from chemical industries and animal feed lots. People across the globe have constantly increased the generation and use of greenhouse gases and therefore, emissions has also grown (Adger, et al 178). In addition, (Adger, et al 181) suggests that since the period of industrial revolution in 1750, carbon dioxide has gone up by 31% while methane has increased by 151% and nitrous oxide has increased in the atmosphere by 17%. In addition, research by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows that anthropogenic which are human induced pollutants is also regularly increasing. It is evident that human influence on the atmosphere is big and has led to an increase on climate change and its negative effects. The pollution in the atmosphere for the last 50 years can all be attributed to human activities globally and especially in the developed countries. The developing countries have less carbon dioxide emissions compared to large productions from industries in developed countries (Dean, James and Pavel). Climate change effects are not only realized through scientific research but also observational signs shows that there is influence on physical and biological parts of the ecosystem. For instance, there is observed change in high-latitude seasons which have become longer and lengthened pole-ward as well as altitudinal modifications of plants and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impacts of Climate Change on Water Management in Sierra Leone Research Paper.
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