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Sustainable Electrical Construction - Research Paper Example

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SUSTAINABLE ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION Introduction The pace of popularity with the advocacy for the greening of our planet has moved with such speed that has really surprised analysts. This is because the concept of going green has been taken over by almost every aspect of our socio-economic life…
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Sustainable Electrical Construction
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Download file to see previous pages e industrial process whereby the various processes that go on in manufacturing and production will be treated with a sense of urgency for the conservation of the environment (ZinCo Worldwide, 2011). Detailed reason why this is so will be discussed later but it would be noticed that the rate of industrialization has left us all with very few options other than manufacturing as many of the goods and products we need as possible. In the present paper, the electrical construction industry shall be used as a case study whereby a critical analysis of the industrial process that takes place during electrical construction shall be undertaken to understand the options of sustainability available for industry players and how best they have played their roles in ensuring that these roles are well played. Why Industrial Process is a focus for Sustainability The United States and other countries commonly referred to as the power houses of industrialization continue to depend on massive industrial development for the running of their economies. Interestingly, it is when some of these powerhouses survive in their economic dealings that the global economic climate becomes stable and sound (Diadem USA, Inc., 2011). But as much as it is important to embrace industrialization, it is equally important to understand the risks and challenges that industrialization carries so that when these challenges and risks are known, the needed risk management interventions would be developed towards them. Indeed, industrialization is highly associated with industrial processes whereby manufacturing and production takes the larger part of industries. Meanwhile, the means or source of energy in powering most of these industries in the industrial processes demand the use of energy sources that have long been known to be very threatening to the environment (Ludwick, 2011). Apart from the source of energy, the waste produced in the course of industrial processes such as smoke has also been identified to be highly harmful to the environment. Even more, the byproducts of most of the industrial processes have been suspected to be ill-treated and wrongfully disposed (Intelligent Design Group, 2011). Usability among end users also accounts for some instances of industrial process’ risk against the environment. This is because most end users have very limited knowledge on the best ways to handle the products they buy such that the products will not end up becoming a threat to the environment. It is against the backdrops listed above that it has become so necessary that industrial process becomes a focus for sustainability in the current research paper. Electrical Construction and the Environment Electrical construction is mainly concerned with the production of electricity and electricity products (Glavinich, 2007). This is often than by electricity construction companies. Lately, oil and gas companies have also been highly involved in this process. Depending on the locality and resources available to an electrical construc ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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