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The Open-Pit Mine Project of Rosemont Copper Company - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Rosemont Copper company is an Arizona based mining company whose main focus is mining copper. The company has a rich history in the mining sector. The controversial issue that surrounds the company at the moment regards the open-pit mining project whose site is south of Tucson in the Santa Rita Mountains. …
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The Open-Pit Mine Project of Rosemont Copper Company
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Download file to see previous pages In October 2011, the Forest Service released a draft environmental impact statement of the proposed Helveits project. The report enlisted the perils that can result from an undertaking of the project together with a list of alternative actions. The Rosemont Company is adamant on the fact that employing water conservation techniques and recycling techniques will reduce the detrimental outcomes of the project. The company has even dubbed the project as “Setting A New Environmental Standard”. However, my opinion is contrary to their stand. This is because the demerits of the project outweighs its merits.
For the project to commence, the land must be cleared. This will mean that vegetation in the area will be cut down. It would also mean that the soil will have to be stockpiled for the exposing of the mineral. These activities will cause ground disturbance and the expected results of this are accelerating erosion in the area and a possible reduction in the productivity of soil. This activity may also cause the rock pilings to be unstable over time. This would mean that land cannot be adequately reclaimed because the vegetation would be unstable. In addition, clearing of the land will have an impact on the animals. ...
This activity may also cause the rock pilings to be unstable over time. This would mean that land cannot be adequately reclaimed because the vegetation would be unstable. In addition, clearing of the land will have an impact on the animals. This is because those that have habituated the area will lose their habitats. The noise that will be produced from the mining cite will also have an impact on the behaviors of animals in a negative way. Secondly, if given the go-a-head, the project would cause contamination of the air. This is because the mining process will cause a disturbance in the soil particles and they would be suspended in the air. It would also cause a chemical contamination of the air around the proposed cite from the mineral itself, the earth, and any other chemical that might be used in the process. This would in turn result to an increase in the concentration and emission of greenhouse gases in the area notwithstanding the possibility of climatic changes in the area. The water needed to run the whole project cannot be quite estimated. The company, in its defense, has 9 years’ worth of mine process water in storage. In their proposal, the initial water supply will be ground water from wells in the upper Santa-Cruz Sub-basin. There is a risk of groundwater levels receding in the area because of this. The use of the water will also alter the quality of ground water because it will lead to the formation of a permanent lake which will concentrate dissolved metals and toxins and alternatively degrade the aquifer. The surface water availability and quality will also be altered as a result of the project. Considering that the area was previously inhabited, then the mining process will be tampering ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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