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The role of environmental management is one of the most rapidly changing areas of management. Its focus has shifted from reactin - Research Paper Example

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Environmental costs to competitive advantages Name Institution Environmental costs to competitive advantages Introduction The role of the environmental management is changing, and it is turning out to be A vibrant network in the industry. As of now, there is a shift from its reaction to crises to solving problems to comply with regulations…
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The role of environmental management is one of the most rapidly changing areas of management. Its focus has shifted from reactin
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Extract of sample "The role of environmental management is one of the most rapidly changing areas of management. Its focus has shifted from reactin"

Download file to see previous pages In the environmental management framework, there can be a number of competitive advantages (Esty & Winston, 2009). They include a company’s cost structure, customer, support, distribution network, and product offerings. This paper will discuss the shifting role of environmental management using the environmental costs to competitive advantage as the scope of the paper’s focus. Background Environmentalists regard environmental costs as one of the vital accounting information that necessitates the ability of management to handle its productivity and administrative decisions in order to achieve evaluation and performance of its work appropriately (Esty & Winston, 2009). In places where environmental costs are part of the major entrances applied by companies to enhance their capability to compete, chances of reducing costs, increasing competitiveness, and increasing profitability are high (Sharairi & Awawdeh, 2011). These situations are only achievable when a company focuses much on ways of serving customers from the economic, health, and social perspective linked to the set goals. Particularly, the application of financial accounting and maintenance of financial statements is substantial for companies in general as it improves the aspect of acquiring the appropriate data and information for company activities (Hitchens, 2002). In order to get the relevant data which is capable of keeping accountable environmental costs that suit the management of the environment, companies must employ various methods that can provide this relevant information (Esty & Winston, 2009). However, literature reviews indicate that most companies are failing to achieve competitive advantage over their rivals in the market mainly because of lacking the essential tools for environmental management costs. This issue is causing such companies whole lots of financial losses, market advantage, and inability to comply with the set environmental rules and regulations (Hitchens, 2002). Without a doubt, there is a need to have pragmatic ways of addressing such issues in order to have these companies engage in better environmental practices, renowned ways of keeping compatible environmental cost records, and gain competitive advantage in the market (Sharairi & Awawdeh, 2011). Methods The research aimed at identifying the influence of environmental costs over the competitive advantage of companies in general but decided to consider, particularly, the pharmaceutical firms in Jordan (Esty & Winston, 2009). By the use of interviews, the study considered identifying the impact of all the prevention operational costs on the competitive advantage carried in pharmaceutical companies in Jordan. With questionnaires, the research aimed at identifying the effect the measurement and inventory activities costs have over the company’s competitive advantage (Sharairi & Awawdeh, 2011). Using qualitative and quantitative system of analysis, the study identified the impact of control activities costs over the competitive advantage of the surveyed pharmaceutical companies in this city. Finally, the research introduced the use of filming, note taking, and recording methods in identifying the effect environmental failures have over the pharmaceutical companies in Jordan (Hitchens, 2002). Results and discussion After the study, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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