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China's Aging Population - Research Paper Example

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Name Institution Instructor Course Date China’s Aging Population Introduction The population of China is changing in to an aging population because of high mortality rate recorded in the country, and the policies that are set for parents to have one child…
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Chinas Aging Population
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Download file to see previous pages The advances in health care that has raised the life expectancy to about 78 years have caused the china to change into an aging population. The high nutritional values in conjunction with the one child policy assumed by the modern day families in the country are also catalyst to aging population in China. The shift of China’s population to old age oriented might have a profound effect on her economy for the adults to be. The Chinese government will have to alter its budgetary policy in favor of the current situation and allow for heightened expenses. According to the international standards of population and demographic distribution, if more than ten percent of the county’s population is above sixty years of age, then this population is described as an ageing population. The Chinese government announced in 2000 that those beyond sixty-five years make about seven per cent of the national population. However, the expectation was that this trend would continue and expected that by 2050 more than thirty per cent of the country’s population would be more than sixty years. The basis of china’s aging population are just as those found anywhere in any other country (Robinson 231). The country has low infertility rate, the life expectancy has risen, and there has been cumulative effect in changes of birth and death rates. The country is and will continue to experience a decline in fertility rate due to the one-child policy. The government has been advocating for the adoption of this policy, thus it has been the main contributor to the changing structure of the Chinese population. The future of the Chinese economy is likely to be very prudent if measures to counteract the negative economic effects that may come along with the aging population are not set. The country may have to change the legal retirement age in order to facilitate work for a continuous production round the year. The Chinese economy is likely to have a great effect in the future. Take for instance the education system that receives a lot of emphasis in the Chinese families. The education system currently has great effect from the large swaths of population where even the secondary education has no guarantee and the technical training as well (Uhlenberg 157). However, improving the education system and the skills of the workers may have a positive effect in improving the economy and compensate the impending decline in the share of the working age. Improving the skills of labor that is absorbed in to the production sector improves the productivity of the country. China has been on the long run to lay strategies that would mobilize the portion of the potential workforce, which is dormant or poorly utilized. The reserve labor force of china lays the concerns that china may not have enough workers in the future (England 5). As the population ages, the country will have to devote most of the resources to the care of the elderly people. The government will have to increase the pension rates in order to benefit the elderly. The increasing ration of the old people in the Chinese population has diverse economic implication for its society and thus impromptu policies and measures to counteract the future effect have to be laid. As the proportion of the elderly people, grow higher in relation to the overall population, the proportion of the young workers drops (Robinson 238). For example in china the active labor force aged ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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China'S Aging Population Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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