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Effects of tissue usage on the environment - Research Paper Example

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A Tissue paper is a light soft piece of paper mostly used in maintaining personal hygiene in our homes. Absorbency, comfort, thickness, ability to stretch and appearance defines the quality of a tissue paper. Paper machines produce tissues papers from virgin fiber derived from wood pulp and recycled fiber derived from recovered paper grades…
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Effects of tissue paper usage on the environment
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There have been many advertisements encouraging people to continue using given brands of tissue papers mostly made from trees. Although the use of tissue papers is dominant in females, the United States uses about 50 pounds of tissue products per person annually. Tissues papers have variant effects on the environment. Since, most of the tissue paper use is at home, then, it is possible to regulate the amount of tissue paper that we consume. This paper will discuss the environmental impact of tissue paper and draw a conclusion from the discussion.
The paper will then make a persuasive argument about the moral or ethical implications of our consumption. The argument will aim at convincing the rest to adopt our style of using tissue paper that is reducing the consumption and using the recycled. There are variant effects of tissue paper usage on the environment. The impact depends on the production, mode of use and method of disposal. Tissue paper usage destroys forests, wildlife habitat, aridity, and may lead to loss of biodiversity because of the huge number of trees used in the production. As such, deforestation has now become a major environmental concern because of the negative effects on the humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and earth's temperature.

There are variant effects of tissue paper usage on the environment. The impact depends on the production, mode of use and method of disposal. Tissue paper usage destroys forests, wildlife habitat, aridity, and may lead to loss of biodiversity because of the huge number of trees used in the production. (European Commission Web). As such, deforestation has now become a major environmental concern because of the negative effects on the humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and earth's temperature (Secret life Web). The production of tissue papers uses a lot of energy in transportation and distribution. Tissue paper production uses a lot of water hence depleting the scarce water sources and pollutes the water sources via the emissions from the factory (Bajpai 53). The gas emissions directed to the air are pollutants containing carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and sulphur oxides, which cause global warming and acidification (European Commission Web). Acidification and global warming affects agriculture significantly. The emissions to the air and water contain toxic chemicals and cancer- causing chemical that are all pollutants to the environment (simple ecology Web). Additionally, the chemicals used in production of paper and pulp can have negative effects on health and the environment. Toxic chlorine used in pulp breaching is an example of such chemicals (Yaffa Web). Tissue paper is a source of waste in the environment. Many people do not use recycled tissue papers. About one-third of household waste is paper and only one-half is recycled and used in the US (simple ecology Web). Hence, I observe that there are diverse effects of tissue paper usage on the environment. Most of these effects are negative and dire to humans, animals and the environment. Therefore, there is need to minimise the consumption of tissue paper, devise better disposal methods and venture in the usage of 100 % recycled tissue paper products. This guarantees a positive impact on the environment. If we reduce the consumption of tissue paper from 50 pounds to 33 pounds per person annually and buy only 100% of recycled products we will significantly benefit the environment. We need to use only enough toilet paper, use sponges, cloth towels, and hand dryers in place of paper towels. We can also use cloth napkins at home and only one napkin at fast food outlets. Similarly, we can use a handkerchief in place of a facial tissue where necessary. When these reductions and improvising intertwine with purchase of 100% tissue papers, we can save many trees annually and reduce the water and energy consumption (Lianos Web). This is because tissue paper uses 40% less energy and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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