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ENGINEERING FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT NAME OF STUDENT STUDENT NUMBER 21ST FEBRUARY, 2012 Engineering for Sustainable Development The engineering guideline provides definitions for different elements involved in engineering. Different engineering terms also become clearly defined eliminating any inherent ambiguity in the definition of engineering terminologies…
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Engineering for Sustainable Development
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Download file to see previous pages Reading through the guideline, an individual from a different profession is able to easily understand the various professional terms used within the engineering profession. The basic principles involved in engineering form the base for the guidelines provided within the document. Definition of the numerous terms, utilised within the profession of engineering, essentially assists involved individuals in understanding the various aspects of engineering. The provision of clear definitions for ambiguous terms offers an important feature for interested parties. The guideline could provide fundamental information to engineers and non-engineers concerning various aspects of engineering. People from different professions could gain important knowledge from the provision of the guideline. Aspiring engineers could essentially benefit from the provisions of the engineering guideline. Proper understanding of the professional requirements of engineers could improve the ability for aspiring engineers to undertake their responsibilities. The aspiring engineers could increase their knowledge of the various engineering aspects. This knowledge could become essential once the aspirants become qualified engineers. Proper understanding of the various engineering aspects could essentially improve the qualification of the aspiring engineers. ...
The provision could immensely assist engineers in developing environment friendly engineering projects. The guiding principles provide important information regarding the projects that could be initiated in engineering profession. These guidelines become critical in assisting engineers in developing projects that fit the description of sustainable. Development of projects following the guideline provisions remains essential in ensuring the success of the initiated projects. The successful implementation of engineering projects could enhance the general development of countries in general. The principles contained within the guideline provide definitions of a typical engineering project. Describing the typical engineering project could be essential in ensuring uniformity of implemented projects in different places. The implementation of engineering projects remains essential in initiating developments within different places in the country. The provisions of the guideline could also play a fundamental role in ensuring similar projects within the country remain uniform. Conformity with the regulations described in the engineering guideline could become essential in ensuring that, projects maintain uniformity. Such uniformity remains critical in enhancing development within different regions in a country. Implementation of different projects could be unified through following the provisions within the guideline document. The guidelines provided in the document could essentially be beneficial to different engineering associations in implementing sustainable projects. While the engineering profession contains several aspects and different engineering elements, the principles provided in the guideline cover the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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