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Psychology of personal adjustment Abstract Adjustment is the process of changing behavior in accordance with the requirements of the people and the environment to establish better relationship with the people and environment. Better adjustment will always help a person to lead a successful life whereas maladjustments will cause problems in the life of a person…
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Psychology of personal adjustment
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Download file to see previous pages The word adjustment is quite often used in our daily life. It refers to the establishment of a healthier relationship with the environment and others. No two individuals are alike. So, all the individuals behave or interact in their own ways. The right of one person may not be the right of the other person. Similarly the wrong of one person may not be the wrong of another person. This is because of the fact that different people may have different perceptions, thoughts and attitudes. Since man is a social animal, he needs to adjust with other people who possess different opinions, views etc. Same way, it is necessary for the people to adjust with the changing environment. The environment is not a static entity and it changes rapidly. A person who fails to adjust with such environmental changes may face difficulties in leading a successful life. In short, proper adjustments with the environment and others are necessary for a person to lead a successful life. It is difficult to see two people with same personality. Personality development depends on heredity and environmental factors. ...
The adjustment ability of a person depends on so many factors such as the nature of the situation, his socioeconomic status, his physical and mental health, his personality etc. For example, different people may react to the death of a beloved one differently. This is because of the differences in abilities of the people with respect to the adjustments while facing tough life situations. The person who tackled the death of a beloved one with less worry may be said to be well adjusted. On the other hand some people may even develop mental disorders while facing the death of beloved ones. In this case, we said that the person was maladjusted. Adjustment is closely related with the mental health of a person. In fact adjustment can make or break a person. Better adjustments will always help the person in leading a successful life whereas maladjustments will destroy a person. People with good mental health will always adjust well whereas people with weak mental health will struggle to adjust well. “To some, mental health implies living securely, enjoying life, being productive, and having a sturdy ego that is capable of withstanding stress. Others say that these properties are a prerequisite to mental health, but not mental health itself” (Adjustment Problems, n. d). In any case, it is an accepted fact that the ability to adjust well is a strong indication of better mental health. A person with better mental health will always take analyze things based on the realities of life. Facts will be the things which motivate such people rather than fiction. Mentally healthy people will always take decisions based on their wisdom rather than emotions. All these positive qualities help him to better adjust when he faces tough situations. Heredity and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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