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Science - Essay Example

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Name of author Heat The whole universe is believed to be made of two things: matter and energy. Both energy and matter are inter-convertible even though it is impossible for us to create matter or energy. In fact energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed even though we can transform energy from one form into different forms…
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Science essay
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Download file to see previous pages In short, all the forms of matter have atoms and molecules in random motion and hence all the matter particles produce heat energy because of the motions of atomic and molecular particles. This paper briefly analyses the features of heat, temperature, kinetic theory of matter etc. “The Kinetic Theory of Matter states that matter is composed of a large number a small particles—individual atoms or molecules—that are in constant motion” (Kurtus). Movement of these atoms often results in collisions between the atoms and molecules. These collisions often produce energy in the form of heat. If we somehow able to increase the movement of atoms or molecules by providing some external sources of energy, collisions will be increased and more heat energy will be liberated. For example, by providing electrical energy to an iron box, we can increase the atomic collisions and hence more heat energy can be produced. Ordinary people do not have much idea about the differences between heat and temperature. They perceive both as same things. However, heat and temperature are entirely different things. While heat represents an energy form, temperature is the average measure of heat or thermal energy. “Since temperature is an average measurement, it does not depend on the number of particles in an object. In that sense it does not depend on the size of it”(What is Temperature?). For example, temperature of boiling water in a glass is same that of the temperature of boiling water in a big vessel. Temperature has nothing to do with the quantity. In other words, temperature is an intensive property whereas heat is an extensive property. Heat is measured in joules whereas temperature is measured in degree Celsius. In Physics, the relationship between temperature and heat is referred as specific heat capacity. Specific heat capacity of a substance is defined as the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of 1 kg of that substance by one degree. “The specific heat capacity of water : 4186 J / Kg K” (Specific Heat Capacity). In other words, 4186 joules of heat energy required for 1 kg of water to increase its temperature from 10 to 11 or 99 to 100 degree Celsius. Different substances have different specific heat capacity because of the huge differences in their atomic structure. Different substances liberate different amount of heat when they undergoes same temperature change which is known as heat capacity. In other words heat capacity of different substances is different. Solids have more closely arranged atomic structure than liquids or gases and hence even a small amount of external energy can generate more atomic collisions and more heat energy. In the case of metals, even small amount of external energy can liberate the valence electrons and these electrons collide each other produces more heat energy. On the other hand in liquids and gases, the chances of collisions are less and hence the heat energy produced may also be less. Sun and stars are the major sources of heat on earth. In fact sun is the primary source of energy on earth. The energy produced by the sun reaches on earth in two different forms; light and heat. Inside the sun, a process called nuclear fusions is continuously going on which is the reason for the continuous supply of heat energy from sun. Nuclear fusion is the process of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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