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Cause of Extinction – Global Warming Today, the word “extinction” has come up with a great danger to the entire world. Nations are investing a lot a money, energy, and resources to know the reasons behind extinction. This word always reminds human being to take necessary steps to preserve as well as conserve the eco-system and the ecology…
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Cause of Extinction - Global Warming
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Download file to see previous pages Many of the species have become extinct so far. These include animals as well as plants. There are various reasons for extinction. The word extinction is used to describe a situation when the last living member of any species dies. This is a kind of situation where there is no other member of that lives in the planet. In other sense the particular species becomes obsolete. This is the situation where the concerned species is called “extinct”. Functional extinction of a species happens when only few members of that species survive but they are completely unable to reproduce due to many biotic reasons, such as age, poor health etc. There are various reasons behind extinction of any species. Most of those reasons are natural reasons, which are beyond any human control. But many of those reasons include direct or indirect human intervention into the natural system. The extinction of Dinosaur was entirely due to the natural reasons. Many of the big species became extinction due to unexpected natural phenomena. All of those phenomena were beyond human control. Recently most of the species are getting extinct also because of the natural reasons, but those phenomena have direct or indirect human intervention into the society. ...
Again these species are becoming extinct because of some other factors also. Human beings are getting much more conscious about their current direct consumption of natural resource. To accomplish this, they are degrading the nature in a way that is creating threats to those species. This phenomenon is also directly or indirectly affecting the ecology of the planet the earth. And those are again directly or indirectly affecting the lives of those species and also the lives of humans (Sodhi, Bradshaw, & Brook, 514). But among all these reasons global warming is a key factor causing the extinction of different species around the whole world. Global Warming and Extinction: Global Warming or the problem of global climate change is the most important reasons for extinction of many of the known species around the whole world. These two reasons are basically interrelated. A recent study suggests that by 2050 almost 37% of well-known plants and animal species will be extinct (Climate Change Headlines from 2000 to 2009). The human-intervened global warming has caused the first known mammal in 2008. In some of the parts of the world, such as northern Queensland, many of the species cannot survive because the temperature has gone up to 30 °C (Climate Change Headlines from 2000 to 2009). This kind of scenario is also the same in the northern regions and in other southern regions of the world. One of the most fascinating studies reveals that before 2100 there will be complete human extinction. And again the reason is global warming and the world climate change. In that time, the temperature of the world will be 29 °F or 16 °C and in the atmosphere the carbon dioxide levels will reach to a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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