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On Kiplings The Jungle Books and Children in 1894-1895 - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper discusses the novel "The Jungle Books" by Richard Kipling in the context of the historical period in which it is written and the aspects of the period during which it was written that relate to conditions, assumptions, attitudes moral values, ethical stances, and theories about children…
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On Kiplings The Jungle Books and Children in 1894-1895
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Extract of sample "On Kiplings The Jungle Books and Children in 1894-1895"

Download file to see previous pages The "The Jungle Book", as a collection of stories, highlight different animals who take on aspects of human personalities, with voices and thoughts that are human, even as the main character, Mowgli, is a human abandoned as a child, and raised in the forest by a family of wolves. In the main story, Mowgli thrives in the forest, becoming friends with many animals in there, even as he also becomes enemies with a tiger named Shere Khan. The other stories can be construed in different ways, as explorations of jungle morality, as explorations of human nature and human morality viewed through the lens of humanized animals, and many other perspectives. The life of Mowgli, his adventures in the forest and his later integration into a human family, as well as the life of Toomai the boy who was tasked to look after some elephants, can be construed as Kipling’s representation of children, of relevance in the investigation of children during the time of the writing of the book, through the lenses of treatment, attitudes, expectations, conditions, and theories of children as discussed above (Kipling; Kipling (b)).
To touch off discussions on the reading of ‘The Jungle Books’ from the lens of the fate of children during the time of its writing, new findings reveal that the book was dedicated by Kipling to a daughter who would die just five years after the book’s publication, and who was just a year old when the book came out. That daughter, Josephine, would succumb to pneumonia, and Kipling had written a dedication to that daughter in one of the early copies of the book (Fernandez).
Perspectives on the book that looks at the work as being suffused with the influences of British thought and philosophies relating to imperialism point out that the book was written in an Indian jungle setting, and a thoroughly Indian set of circumstances, even as India was a British colony during the lifetime of Kipling.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(On Kiplings The Jungle Books and Children in 1894-1895 Book Report/Review, n.d.)
On Kiplings The Jungle Books and Children in 1894-1895 Book Report/Review.
(On Kiplings The Jungle Books and Children in 1894-1895 Book Report/Review)
On Kiplings The Jungle Books and Children in 1894-1895 Book Report/Review.
“On Kiplings The Jungle Books and Children in 1894-1895 Book Report/Review”.
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