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Does Latin Language Affect us Today in the United States - Literature review Example

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An author of the current review attempts to investigate how the Latin language affects the speech, mode of thought, reasoning and actions of the contemporary population of the United States. Thus, the review analyzes the influence of Latin on the English language…
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Extract of sample "Does Latin Language Affect us Today in the United States"

Download file to see previous pages Latin language not only affects the study of Classical literature, but it also has an impact on modern literature and even some Hollywood movies, cannot escape its influence. Possibly due to these reasons, amongst numerous others; there is a resurgence of interest in the Latin language, now; which in turn, makes it have an even greater impact in our lives, today.
Latin, which originated in 1000 BC in Latium, is generally considered, to be a dead language. The reason for this is manifold. For instance, Latin is not used as a spoken language by a large majority of people, today. Neither is it the native tongue of anyone, anymore; and although even now, there are a few responses to the Litany in the Roman Catholic church and a few updates carried out to the Latin language by the Roman Catholic clergy, most people do not consider it to be developing to the extent of other modern languages. Though there is some truth in such sentiments; I believe, that the Latin language continues to wield a considerable impact on the culture, attitude, and language of the American people. The Latin language affects us, today, in more ways than we realize.
First, let us examine the influence of Latin on the English language, which is predominantly used by a majority of people in the United States. ( In fact, over 82% of the population of the United States, claim English to be their mother tongue, with over 95% of US residents stating that they are very comfortable with its use.) Staggering as it may sound, it is said that nearly two-thirds of the words in the English language which are in use today, has Latin origins. For example, first, let us look at the influence on Latin in the field of biology. The words avian, arachnid, feline, canine and bovine, amongst numerous other terms, all have Latin origins. Then, when it comes to anatomical sciences, the words dental, oral, mental and renal can all trace their origins back to the Latin language.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Does Latin Language Affect us Today in the United States Literature review - 1, n.d.)
Does Latin Language Affect us Today in the United States Literature review - 1.
(Does Latin Language Affect Us Today in the United States Literature Review - 1)
Does Latin Language Affect Us Today in the United States Literature Review - 1.
“Does Latin Language Affect Us Today in the United States Literature Review - 1”.
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