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Personal Mission Statement - Assignment Example

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This study outlines that a leader in his own rights, the reporter will feel responsible for relieving tension in the environment he is living in. Life with its fast pace is leading humankind to be continuously circulating in surroundings which are full of stressful conditions. …
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Personal Mission Statement
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Download file to see previous pages Sedentary lives are more common with the advent of computers. Exercising is the solution. I would set an example by jogging every morning and encouraging my friends to accompany me. If I have a say, I would motivate the other students and together we would formally request for a gymnasium for our college where all the staff and their families can work out. Physical well-being is extremely essential.
My family of four members is very close to me. My father, a religious and strict personality has been my role model. He believes in keeping family ties intact. His instructions and exemplary behavior have kept this family cozy and happy. Mother insists on all of us sharing the breakfast and evening meals together. Sometimes we find it hard to reach in time. However when we remember that no one would eat without our presence, we manage to do so. We talk freely during our meals and family issues are discussed here as these are the few occasions when all are together. Paying attention to each other is another habit that we have thoroughly enjoyed. I would gladly pass on tips from my experience to my friends and acquaintances. My world will be complete only if I am able to be a good son to my parents and a good brother to my sister. I shall carry their love and instructions all through my life.
Studying for engineering, my bosom friends have given me many wonderful moments. We have shared our happiness and moments of grief. I am a leader for at least a few of them. My ability to console and guide them at times of crisis has provided a fairly large circle which comes looking for me when a quick solution is needed. My ambition is to take an MS once my engineering degree is over. I would be carrying many of my like-minded friends with me and I hope to continue my services in whatever field or career I am in.
Finances are always to be carefully dealt with. The training I received from my role model has helped me to know where every dollar that I use goes to.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Mission Statement Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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