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Do We Mistake Inaccessibility for Brilliance - Book Report/Review Example

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I agree with the authors that the modern writers are losing it when they use jargons to prove that they understand the language. …
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Do We Mistake Inaccessibility for Brilliance
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Extract of sample "Do We Mistake Inaccessibility for Brilliance"

Do We Mistake Inaccessibility for Brilliance? Step Questions about the reading: How can we make reading more interesting?
How can teachers make the students understand some of the interesting stories that contain technical jargons?
Topic headings: Some writers use technical jargons because of lack of the necessary expertise
Authors’ Credentials:
They are experienced
They understands the requirements in writing
Step 2
Main thesis: Writers should use simple sentences in delivering a message
Supporting points
Writers use a lot of time on words that doesn’t deserve it
Students failed to understand a story due to the use of hard words
Inaccessible information is taken to be more valuable but makes readers lose interest in it
Answers to questions in step 1
Teachers should explain the hard parts for the students
Authors should use words according to the target readers.
Step 3
The support of the thesis is sufficient when it becomes clear that difficult and unclear works puts off the interests of the reader towards the book.
It’s insufficient in explaining how difficulties force the person’s intimacy between a book and its reader.
The support of the thesis is irrelevant when the authors use personal attitude to make a conclusion that the rest of the students would react in a similar manner.
I agree with the authors that the modern writers are losing it when they use jargons to prove that they understand the language. This is because students prefer simple works which they understand more easily, an aspect that makes them to connect with it. While reading this work, I came to understand the reason I drop some novels after going through the first few chapters. The reason is that I lose interest because the writer uses hard words which I don’t understand. Read More
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