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55555 - Assignment Example

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The inclusion of images in the textual content is a further enticement factor to me as a reader. For instance, the use of simile at the beginning of chapter one of…
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Discussion Topic One The two readings display a number of literally devices that play a major role in enhancing effective reading. The inclusion of images in the textual content is a further enticement factor to me as a reader. For instance, the use of simile at the beginning of chapter one of Achebe’s ‘’Things Fall Apart”, gives a more precise and detailed description of OKonkwo in relation to the wrestling match against Amalinze the cat. Okonkwo is as slippery as fish in water. The simile is further reiterated by the diagrammatical illustration of fish in water which provides a visual explanation of the co-relation between characteristics that are attributable to Okonkwo and the slippery nature of fish. The expression provides a virtual picture with which any reader can relate with in an effort to gain better understanding of the qualities that appertain to Okonkwo (Achebe VII).
The Ibo words used in by Chinua Achebe in his literally work provide a platform for effective research. Due to the unfamiliarity of the words, there is need for me to look up their meanings across relevant platforms. In the course of researching on the words, as a reader, I am able to gain precision in my command of language and be able to understand the provisions or the content in the reading.
As I mentioned earlier, the use of images induces interest to me as the reader. The ability to relate the textual content of the reading and the pictorial expression of the same make reading easier and essentially informative. AS a reader, my aim is to be able to relate or establish a connection with the literally work. For such a connection to prevail, a deep understanding of the readings is mandatory. The images reinforce what I have read and give me a chance to see whatever is being explained in writing. For instance, when Chinua Achebe Talks of The Nok Civilization in Nigeria, it might not be possible to establish a mental visual of the same if a relevant image is not included. However, the integration of the sculpture that illustrates the Nok Civilization elicits interest in reading more about the matter at hand thus encouraging effective reading which is essential for any reader who wants to understand every aspect of specified readings.
Topic Two
From my analysis of the of Chinua Achebe’s work, diction is a key and highly notable component of his writing. This is a key determinant of the dominant tone throughout the writing. Diction makes the tone of the Achebe’s writing familiar to the target audience. My textual analysis of the work is mainly based on the trends in diction. From the analysis, I have been able to achieve a deeper understanding of the rhetorical situation of the area of concern evident in Achebe’s writing.
Figurative language is also among the literally constituents of the reading. For example, in according to Mr. Twain, “it is better to be lightning that to be a bug”. This figurative expression gives a diverse view of the impending topic of discussion in the writings. Therefore, the reading is made interesting by diverting from the literal meaning of phrases by use of expressions that give explanations using symbolism in a concise manner.
The use of figurative language has a notable impact on the tone of the novel’s beginning. The novel begins with an illustration of Okonkwo’s character. The writer makes a comparison between the character and fish in water. The expression is not an indication of the literal meaning of what Achebe is trying to remit to the readers. The effect of this figurative language is that it makes me develop a critical thinker’s perspective in trying to understand the stipulations evident at the beginning of the novel.
The words in the novel are specific. General words for example society and people are avoided. Detailed clarifications, for instance, the description of the qualities of characters is done beyond superficial explanations. The use of similes makes the descriptions precise. Connotations exist in the novel. They are evident in the figurative expressions that require a reader to look for the meaning of verbs in accordance to the context in the novel and not the literal meaning of the verbs.
Work Cited
Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. Oxford: Heinemann Educational, 2000. Print. Read More
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