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The relationship between Henry Miller's novel Tropic of Cancer and Allen Ginsberg's poem Howl - Research Paper Example

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Literature as one of the most important kinds of art always stays on the way of any attack on the freedom of thinking and speaking. Sexual relations despite their fullest and most serious impact on life of people were concealed for a long time. …
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The relationship between Henry Millers novel Tropic of Cancer and Allen Ginsbergs poem Howl
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Extract of sample "The relationship between Henry Miller's novel Tropic of Cancer and Allen Ginsberg's poem Howl"

Download file to see previous pages When “Howl” and “Tropic of Cancer” were published they suffered a huge oppression of the American government. That is because deeply conservative and short sighted mass of people didn’t find it appropriate to talk so freely about the most intimate and close topic of sexual intercourse. Surely the main theme of these works is not only sex because sex is an obvious symbol of confronting the environment. Today films, books, cartoons, comics and magazines show and talk about sex in any way but it was totally different from the times of “Howl” and “Tropic of Cancer”. The main point in our discussion is morality and ethical definition of what is right and wrong. Government of the USA judged these books in the court and did not publish them until years and decades because people thought it was immoral and wrong to allow the distribution of them. There is no bad advertising and any publicity attracts attention. Silly and foolish critiques as well as the representatives of government did exactly the opposite to what they wanted to do. They made these books incredibly popular by attracting to them a huge audience of curious readers. Such funny thing happened in the country which most of the world’s population thought was the land of freedom and homeland of the liberty and that made a contrast sharper and brighter. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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