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Explaining a recent innovation in your area of interest or expertise - Research Paper Example

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Millions of people continue to die annually as a result of complications resulting from this pandemic. Attempts have been made, both by concerned government agencies, non-governmental organizations…
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Explaining a recent innovation in your area of interest or expertise
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Extract of sample "Explaining a recent innovation in your area of interest or expertise"

Download file to see previous pages This is a process that has taken to task doctors and scientists worldwide.
One of the major setbacks to this work was inadequate finances. Though this is and has been a global problem, states were not able to come together to pool resources so as to support the noble work that the scientists set out to do. It turned out that only few countries provided the financial support to this project, while others showed no interests in the on-going work, yet they too are affected by the virus. The accomplishment was nonetheless realized thanks to the support of the non-governmental organizations and other well-wishers (Grady, 1995).
Another great challenge is the fact that the HIV virus replicates very fast, and once it attacks a CD4+ T cell, it quickly makes very many copies of itself. These copies infect other immune cells. Since it makes many copies of itself, it overwhelms the body’s immunity hence weakening the body. This is worsened by the fact that as the replication takes place, there is DNA sequence change that results into different strands of the virus. The vaccine developed should be able to help prevent all these strands.
Unlike many other viruses that attack the human body, the primary target of the HIV virus is the immune system, particularly the CD4+ cells. The virus destroys these cells hence making it difficult for the body to protect itself from other infections, even subsequent HIV infections. The vaccine developed therefore has to work to strengthen the system so that the invading virus does not weaken the body, but is able to prepare it to fight off the virus, at the same time leaving the body strong.
There are already in existence big companies that manufacture anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs), the drugs currently used to contain the deadly virus. These companies are already making billions in this business and would therefore want to keep making money. An attempt to come up with vaccines is a threat to their business ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Explaining a Recent Innovation in Your Area of Interest or Expertise Research Paper.
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