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Pro Gay Marriage - Research Paper Example

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The majority of people treat this delicate issue with certain conservative negativity due to the common stereotype that gay marriage will threaten established social institution of marriage as it is…
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Pro Gay Marriage
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Extract of sample "Pro Gay Marriage"

Attitudes to gay marriage range from absolute acceptance to open hatred. The majority of people treat this delicateissue with certain conservative negativity due to the common stereotype that gay marriage will threaten established social institution of marriage as it is. Numerous media resources claim that gay marriages are even harmful for society and especially kids who grow in such families because they do not see ‘normal’ role models of female and male parents. In fact, gay marriage is not a plague that spoils society; it is a union of two people who love each other and want their love to be recognized by the community with all legal, social and personal consequences. Recognition of gay marriage will pave the way to truly equal and accepting society where all people share the same freedoms and get the opportunity to love, be loved and create a family regardless of their sexual orientation.
All arguments against gay marriage are ideological in their nature and they can be easily disapproved. According to Kellard, gay marriage does not threaten the institution of tradition marriage because not all traditional marriages are based on love. Many couples decide to marry in order to get money, social benefits or the access to healthcare. The rate of divorces in the USA tends to climb high and, obviously, it is not an indicator of a solid traditional marriage. Despite common beliefs that gay marriages are harmful for children, they serve as a better alternative to families where children have only one loving parent. Conservative religious beliefs does not apply to those who do not share them so it is not fare to take away freedom of love and religion from those who are granted to have it constitutionally (Kellard). Overall, there is no reason to think about gay marriage is something harmful and threatening; it is just a union of people who want to live together as a family.
Objections to same-sex marriages are usually expressed by extremely conservative people who reinterpret information and even lie in order to present the issue in negative light and persuade Americans that they will ruin everything by supporting gay marriage. For instance, Dana Loesch, who is a well-recognized columnist, often writes about lawsuits filed by gay couples against certain organization in different states. In her articles gay couples sue with people who deny taking photos of their wedding, baking a wedding cake or renting a pavilion for their marriage (cited in Lampo). However, according to Lampo, all these cases have nothing to deal with marriage; all of them are state or local laws about provision of certain services at their heart. Media is a powerful tool of manipulation and minority people are still oppressed by the public opinion promoted to mass reader. This speculation only points at the fact that conservative arguments against gay marriage are not solid as they are based on twisted facts and numbers.
Since there is no objection that would make gay marriage impossible or prove its harmfulness, it is rational to legalize gay marriage and treat it with understanding. LGBT people are not different from the rest; they pay taxes, work, own houses, have pets and go shopping. At the same time, they are different from the rest because their relationships are not recognized by state. Such an attitude to gay a marriage promotes inequality in the society where all people are considered to be equal (Lipp). Many gay people suffer due to the fact that they cannot have true family; many of them live alone in senior age and do not have kids. Legalization of gay marriage would empower LGBT community to have better lives, create families, get more social benefits and opportunities for business (Lipp). True democracy should not be closely tied to prejudices and religious conservatism; it should promote equality among all people regardless of their race, sex and gender.
In summary, people should change their attitude to gay marriage because LGBT people should have the same rights as ordinary US citizens. All objections to gay marriage are weak; they are based on speculation and make no sense in the context of constitutional rights and freedoms granted to all people. Gay marriages, which are portrayed as nightmares in media, are linked with equality, democracy and freedom more than ever. Their legalization will benefit LGBT community empowering them to have full lives and enjoy family relationships with their loved ones. Legalizing gay marriages, America will strengthen the institute of democracy, separate state and church and make sure that all people enjoy their constitutional freedoms and rights. It is a high time to rethink conservative attitude to same-sex marriage and move forward to progress.
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Pro Gay Marriage Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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