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The difference and the treatment of male and female genders and the rules they have too follow in the religion of islam - Research Paper Example

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This is in relation to the assertion that women undergo much oppression in the society. It is also apparent that males are highly…
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The difference and the treatment of male and female genders and the rules they have too follow in the religion of islam
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Extract of sample "The difference and the treatment of male and female genders and the rules they have too follow in the religion of islam"

Download file to see previous pages According to Ouzgane (1), women oppression is highly practiced in Muslim societies in Middle East and North Africa. In support of her claim, Ouzgane claims that the practice of female genital mutilation is highly practiced by Muslims. In addition to this, Ouzgane (21) asserts that some masculinist environment denies feminine both theologically and psychologically, a practice that make the majority of them unconscious. Despite this, some countries such as Iran value the position of women in the society. For instance, Firoozeh (7) asserts that the implementation of Iran’s population policies resulted in smaller families, exponential growth in female education as well as a rise in the age of marriage for men and women. These changes also contributed not only to the empowerment of women, but also protection of women from sticking to Islamic role model. However, it is apparent that nothing can change the role of women in Islamic society. According to Firoozeh, women are still treated as mother and wives despite implementation of some policies. In relation to this assertion, Inhorn asserts that women in Islamic have the role of giving birth and taking of the children. Women are also barred from having multiple partners and extramarital sexual relations (Inhorn 12). In other words, women are treated as the property of men, and as a result of this, they are obliged to adhere to what their husbands want them to do. Women in Islamic societies are often barred from raising their voice against their men (Friend 2). Apart from blaming women for failure in reproduction, the Islamic societies also force them to endure childless marriage. During their early stages of women as girls, they are taught on how to shrink into corners, to withdraw as well as to hide oneself because of their gender. In other words, the Islamic societies considered women as subjects to men who needed to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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