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Outside activity at the Central Virginia Food Bank - Assignment Example

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This translates to about 50 million or 15% of Americans who are at risk of facing hunger ( Most of the households faced with the risk of hunger have children. This means that…
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Outside activity at the Central Virginia Food Bank
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Download file to see previous pages There has been a huge misconception that only people from the third world countries are faced with hunger. As a result, most charitable organizations have focused their efforts on providing food to those people faced with hunger in the third world countries. While this is a noble gesture, it leaves Americans who are faced with hunger, with no or little support putting them at a higher risk of facing hunger. Research has also shown that despite the United States being the wealthiest nation in the world a huge number of people still struggle to put food on their table. Unlike other countries, hunger in the United States is not caused by lack of food, but rather high poverty rates ( While the government has attempted to solve this hunger menace through national nutrition programs, more needs to be done to address this issue.
This is one of the main reasons, why I chose to undertake my outside project in the central Virginia food bank. I realized that we all have a role to play in making sure that no American dies of hunger. We all need to come together to fight this hunger issue. In the state of Virginia, at least one million people face hunger this about 10% of the entire population (
The central Virginia food bank is a program that is run by the Feed More organization. The program runs through 31 counties among them five cities in the state of Virginia. Currently, the Feed More organization covers about a third of the state. The main aim of this program is to make sure that they provide hunger solutions to the people who are faced with hunger in the state of Virginia. With the help of other non-profit organizations, churches, business, the public and other organizations the feed more program via the central Virginia food bank brings hunger relief by acquiring and distributing food to people faced with hunger. The central Virginia food bank has been able to distribute over 21 million pounds of food since ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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