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Successful Employee-Volunteer Programs and Its Benefits - Assignment Example

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The construction industry is a dynamic field that is constantly changing and if a company is not up-to-date with trends and practices, it may easily be faced out by its competitors. It is therefore imperative that companies engage the customers and keep them motivated to always…
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Successful Employee-Volunteer Programs and Its Benefits
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, for an EVP to be considered effective it must have the following features:
First of all, it must have a plan. Effective EPVs have clear and attainable goals with specific strategies, focused efforts to achieve them. This can be achieved through an annual retreat of all EVP members to deliberate on an annual plan that will include goals, strategies and priority programs. Initial planning allows members to create backup plans in case the main strategies falter; this reduces time wasting that may occur when a program is hurriedly rushed into without prior planning and a problem occurs, where the members have to deliberate, look for funding, set up new strategies and designate duties to members.
Secondly, the programs must have some level of measurement. This is to ascertain whether they have been accomplishing their plans in the past or not. The measurement should also include the effects of the programs on communities they are imposed on. Are they bringing joy to the people? Or their effects are not felt by the people. For instance, if it is proven that less volunteer hours is the main culprit behind poor results, then the company can create incentives to encourage employees to participate more on volunteer work, such as higher monetary rates for extra hours.
An effective EVP must also embrace the design of the company. Since the volunteers are from the company, the way they are perceived by the public will mirror back to the company. It is therefore imperative that the workers portray the company well in terms of behavior and physical appearance. They should adorn new and improved gear with the company’s logo and positive and encouraging messages. Socially adept individuals should be the ones interacting with the people and working concurrently with them. Their quieter and less social peers should concentrate in areas with less social experiences. The volunteering should be a happy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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