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Editorial, any topic about the news in San Fransisco Bay Area communications - Essay Example

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Various individuals believe that marijuana has medicinal benefits and that complete banning of cultivation of the plant in the area is…
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Editorial, any topic about the news in San Fransisco Bay Area communications
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Download file to see previous pages In a recent article, “Town of Clearlake Takes Center Stage In Emotional Battle Over Medicinal Marijuana Cultivation Ban”, by Joe Vazquez, patients within Clearlake believe that by the state government banning cultivation of the plant the lives of various patients are put at a risk considering the medicinal benefits of Marijuana. The citizens have proceeded to file a suit that would stop illegalizing the cultivation of the plant. According to Vazquez, one of the citizens, Jeri Spittler believes that Marijuana has been very helpful in managing her husband who has cancer. According to her, her husband’s loss of senses of smell and tastes has been well covered by marijuana extracted oil, which she feeds her husband with smoothies to make him aware that time to eat has come. She thus believes that banning of the drug bars her husband from this benefit.
I agree with Spittler’s take on this issue due to my own experience with my grandmother who was suffering from cancer. She used to suffer a lot and had to endure unending spasms of pain all through the day regardless of receiving medication that would ease her suffering. Besides, the more the effective the pain medication is, the more expensive it is, an aspect that hindered her from getting adequate pain management medication. However, after a friend suggested the use of marijuana as a pain reliever, she started drinking the marijuana syrup and exhibited a great improvement with reduced pain especially during the night allowing her to rest. In addition, her appetite improved and she could consume enough nutrients to meet her bodily requirements. With this, she was able to live long beyond the time that had been predicted by the doctors. The National Cancer Institute posits that cannabis has various benefits to cancer patients including appetite stimulation, antiemetic effects, improved sleep, and pain relief ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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