Compare/contrast on Annabel Lee by Poe and Do not go gently into that good night by Thomas Dylan - Coursework Example

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(Berry, James, pg. 56) A summary contains the general information of a poem in the fewest words possible. Therefore, a summary analysis of the two poems will be the starting point…
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Compare/contrast on Annabel Lee by Poe and Do not go gently into that good night by Thomas Dylan
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Comparison of poems The summary is an important information for comparing and contrasting two different sets of poems. (Berry, James, pg. 56) A summary contains the general information of a poem in the fewest words possible. Therefore, a summary analysis of the two poems will be the starting point of this assignment.
Annabel Lee is a poem carefully drafted by Poe. The poem is narrated I the speaker’s perspective. The speaker talks about Annabel Lee, who ‘was’ his love. The poem is described in the form of a memory. The narrator talks about Annabel Lee, who is his long lost love. The speaker and Annabel developed feelings for each other when they were children, and the feelings developed into a solemn and sincere love. Despite their young age, the speaker and Annabel were deeply in love that even the angels felt envious. The speaker goes ahead to blame the death of his girlfriend on the envy of the angels. The speaker clarifies that his girlfriend became sick and attributed the sickness to a wind that blew from the clouds. As the poem develops, the disease eventually killed Annabel Lee. The speaker explained his devastation when Annabel Lee’s relatives took her body for burial. The poem brings out a feeling that the speaker had very strong and unbreakable feelings towards Annabel that even death could not part. Although the speaker has pushed his life on, he still sees Annabel in his dreams and every time he looks at the stars. The speaker still feels so much love for Annabel Lee.
The poem “Do not go gentle into that good night” by Thomas Dylan that seeks to explain death, mostly at old age. The speaker in the poem reveals that old men that are almost dying should not give up. The old men should remain active and try to fight back the feeling of death. The narrator in the writing denotes that the old men should react strongly against the feeling of death, by all possible means like kicking and screaming. The old men should die enthusiastically while trying to fight death, and only because they lack an option. As the verse develops, the reader finds out that the speaker is in a position of a potential loss of his father.
Comparing the two poems gives a wide range of field of view (Graber, Kathleen, pg 66). Thematically, the two poems drive home the theme of love. In Annabel Lee, the speaker admits to having deep feelings for Annabel to the extent of envy from the angels. In the poem ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’, the speaker encourages old men to fight death due to the love he has for his father. Another similarity can deduce is from the styles used. For example, the technique of personification is common among the writings. Death is expressed through representation as an individual who takes out peoples’ loved ones. The poem ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ encourages the people to fight death and not just die peacefully in their beds. Another similarity is that both poems are based on the narrator’s current situation. In literature, this style enhances the reader’s understanding of the topic of study. Having experience in the narrator’s shoes increases the flow and understanding of the poem.
The two poems, however, contrast in various ways. First, the poem ‘Annabel Lee’ is described in the form of a memory of past events and ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ is described in the narrator’s current situation (Gramse, Shannon, pg 96). The title ‘Annabel Lee’ the poem directly talks about the narrator’s lover who was called Annabel Lee. In contrast, the title ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ is a symbolic message from the narrator to his father. Death, in this case, is symbolized as the good night, and the narrator is therefore encouraging his father not to die without a contest. Therefore, ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ is a title with a hidden meaning, describing symbolism.
The two poems are just an example of how the same situation can be expressed in different ways. Comparing and contrasting the poems, therefore, helps in the critical accessibility of the poems.
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