How does Ernest Hemingway use elements such as light and dark to foreshadows specific plot in his short story The Nick Adams Stories - Research Paper Example

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The compilation of Earnest Hemingway’s short stories “The Nick Adams Stories” presents an account of the progression and the growth of the male main protagonist throughout the texts. His life as a young boy and the events he encounter during his life is captured in…
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How does Ernest Hemingway use elements such as light and dark to foreshadows specific plot in his short story The Nick Adams Stories
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Extract of sample "How does Ernest Hemingway use elements such as light and dark to foreshadows specific plot in his short story The Nick Adams Stories"

Download file to see previous pages The character is romantically involved with a young girl Marjorie. He serves as a soldier and suffers from a knee wound just like Hemingway (“Character Analysis Nick Adams”). So in short Hemingway uses this fictional character Nick Adams to reiterate his life as a child and young man. He spent his youth serving in army. He has made this a part of his short stories. This autobiographical representation of events gives an insight into his mind that brings out the memories of his life and one can interpret the implications that he is trying to show in his text.
Hemingway uses the elements of light and dark in his short stories to work as an important force that brings out the concerns in the text and plays an essential role in the narrative structure of the text. Arthur Miller in “Death of a Salesman” makes use of light to take the readers into the insight of the characters often revealing the important events or for foreshadowing. Miller often uses light to divide the stage for two different actions taking place at the same time. Similarly, Hemingway uses light in his texts but mainly for a different purpose. He makes use of the light as a technique of foreshadowing to develop interest and to highlight the prevailing or underlying themes. Hemingway in his short stories often uses light and darkness to bring out the thematic concerns of the text. His short stories are full of examples where he uses light and dark to foreshadow or to highlight the themes or motifs in the text.
“The Indian Camp” presents an account of a young Nick who travels with his father on boat to an Indian Camp where Dr. Adams performs a Caesarean to deliver a baby boy. The use of light and dark in this story symbolizes the racial bias and foreshadows the personal growth of the protagonist. The darkness that prevails during the journey symbolizes Nick’s own lack of awareness. It foreshadows the bleak and grim reality of life that he is about to encounter when he will reach the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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