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The major characters are beleaguered by perilous undercurrents, both in the physical world as well as in their thoughts. The local ribaldry, color and…
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The shipping news by Annie Proulx Annie Proulxs novel "The Shipping News," is set in contemporary Newfoundland, where there is certainly a lot of drownings. The major characters are beleaguered by perilous undercurrents, both in the physical world as well as in their thoughts. The local ribaldry, color and strange sorts of redemption of Ms. Proulxs novel keep the reader from tripping under, into the shade of loss. The novel is set broadly in the Killick-Claw village, along Newfoundlands storm-battered, foggy coast. It displays Proulxs odd humor and her passion for the strange idiosyncrasy of humankind.
The author takes us to the eccentric climes of Newfoundland, in Canada, where the brutal forces of nature offer a chilling setting to a sometimes strange, sometimes lovable tale of a straightforward, gentleman called Quoyle. Quoyle marries the Petal his first wife who does not give him any attention; their marriage ends up being very destructive (Annie 12). Petal, his wife, hates herself, Quoyle, and their two daughters. She uses most of her time drinking as well as searching for love in the beds of different men. Quoyle loves Petal incessantly and maintains his commitment to her, their marriage, as well as their daughters. Quoyle is lastly freed from the marriage when his wife dies in a car accident together with one of her lovers (Annie 46).
Quoyles aunt comes to assist him together with his children after the death of Petal and encourages Quoyle to move away for a new beginning. They then move to their ancestral home in Killick-Claw, Newfoundland. Quoyle arrives at their new home a discouraged, grieving and isolated with less accomplishment in life because always he has been told he cannot do anything correct (Annie 67).
As time goes on, Quoyle gets a job of covering the shipping news. He as well meets a widowed woman, called Wavey, whom he is attracted to. The two enjoy each other’s company, but the past experience prevents them from getting closer. Later, Quole is promoted to be a managing editor at the paper by surprise. At last, he is able to move on from his past and marry Wavey (Annie 84). Quole finds out that loving again is achievable, and it does not have to include destruction and pain.
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Proulx, Annie. The Shipping News. London: Fourth Estate, 2002. Print. Read More
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