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This is the right to self-defense. Among the basic arguments of this particular law is that in the event that one face circumstances that they face a threat to lose their lives or get…
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Not a license to murder
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Not a license to murder In the of development of the common law, a very vital human right law has evolved. This is the right to self-defense. Among the basic arguments of this particular law is that in the event that one face circumstances that they face a threat to lose their lives or get serious injuries; the individuals may use lethal force in self-defense. Lawful self-defense only applies in cases where the individual in a situation has limited or not options of safe retreat from the aggressor. However, an exception exists where the aggressor imposes fear of death or serious injury in an individual’s house; in such a case, the victim is justified to use lethal force in defense without any attempt of running to safety. This volume intends to discuss whether such laws have any moral justification.
The formal defense of a person uses deadly force against another and goes unpunished is a great crack in the walls of morality in the nation. Although needs deems it necessary for people to have a ground to defend their interests, misinterpretation of the defense law is very dangerous as it consequently interferes with other people’s rights to life. It is a violation of the human right to life to allow use of lethal force even in situations with means of retreat and require minimum force. For instance, if an aggressor comes to and individual home, the law justifies the victim to use deadly force in defense even when they have a chance of escape.
The failure of the Florida’s state police was a sign of moral absence and served to show a great weakness in the implementation of the stand your ground legislations. The stand your ground laws are certainly permits of murder as the police failed to arrest the violator despite the aggressor failing to seek the defense of the Stand your ground law. The arrest was not initially make because of the misinformed interpretation of the self-defense law and through that made the laws a defendant of criminal acts. Read More
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