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More specifically, quite a significant number of people, both men and women, argue that women should be allowed in the frontline…
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Should women be allowed in combat(arguing against the issue)
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Women Should Not Be Allowed in Combat In the fight for the equality of genders, the society reached the point when the issue of allowing women in combat has become the highly debated one. More specifically, quite a significant number of people, both men and women, argue that women should be allowed in the frontline combat roles and be allowed to serve side by side with men. However, this idea seems to be improper due to a range of factors that influence women abilities as soldiers.
First of all, women should not be allowed in combat due to the fact that as a rule, women are physically weaker than men. The difference between men’s and women’s abilities comes from the difference in organization of their bodies. For example, female pelvis is arranged in a way so that women are able to bear children, and such an arrangement results in an off-angle of the legs making women about 10 percent slower runners than men. Also, women have less upper-body strength than men do. Therefore, they would not be able to carry an 80-pund backpack, drag a casualty, properly throw a grenade etc. Women are more easily injured compared to men because they have weaker muscle structure (Tips). In fact, in accordance with the research conducted within the British army, only 1 in 100 female soldiers had enough physical strength to function in military units (Browne). Overall, women are really the weaker sex and should not be allowed in the frontline combat roles.
Secondly, women should not be allowed in combat because of the peculiarities of combat environment (Simons). Placing a scarce resource, such as women, in combat units comprised mostly of men may result in the creation of competition between the latter, and this may lead to conflicts within the unit. In addition, it is obvious that when young women and men work together for extended periods of time, couples form. At a certain point, their interaction can make lives of other soldiers uncomfortable. In this case, it is also important not to forget about pregnancy, which makes women be unable to discharge their duties.
Finally, allowing women in combat is anti-survival of any society (Tips). The matter is that women play more important role in repopulation of the society. This does not mean that woman’s role is to give birth to children only. It means that woman’s role in giving birth is more important. Compared to men that can father several children during a year, women can give birth only to one (or two or three in case twins or triplets are born). Woman’s health, commitment and time are more essential to the birth of a child (Tips).
Combat units should not be opened to women. This is not a misogynist point of view but common sense that makes saying so. There are good reasons why women are often referred to as the weaker sex. For centuries, it has been men’s task to fight and defend their families. For the sake of their safety and safety of those who they serve beside to, women should not be allowed in combat
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