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The article titled Austerity Measures: A Restaurant Critics Week On Food Stamps has been authored by Anna Roth and in this article the author focuses on her experience of her participation in a program called Hunger Challenge. In this challenge the individuals who participated…
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Austerity Measures Summary
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Article Summary The article d Austerity Measures: A Restaurant Critics Week On Food Stamps hasbeen authored by Anna Roth and in this article the author focuses on her experience of her participation in a program called Hunger Challenge. In this challenge the individuals who participated had to undergo an experience of living one complete day with only $4.50 to spend on food. The author states that it seemed impossible to her that she can live with such limited amount of access to food. The author then describes her first day at the challenge and states that she was allotted a separate pantry and she was provided with limited amount of food which mostly included fresh fruits and vegetables. At first the author perceived that she can easily cope up with such a diet. The author stated that living on the food items provided and cooking them was very difficult for her as she had stopped cooking food on her own. She states that the food she was consuming never satisfied her or the other participants and only fulfilled the need of having food. Two days later the challenge required the participants to eat at St. Anthony’s where they were provided with food comprising of heavy quantity of calories. The author states that she was quite happy having that food. The author states that an official of the Hunger Challenge told her that poverty was a major issue in San Francisco and people were actually facing poverty due to expensive cost of living. The author states that the entire experience made her realized how difficult it was to live in poverty. She concludes that organizations that are out there to help the poor are very essential and they need to be heavily supported by the common man.
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Roth, Anna. Austerity Measures: A Restaurant Critics Week On Food Stamps. SF Weekly. N.p., 2013. Web. 10 Mar. 2015. Read More
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