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The book The Bluest Eye has a number of themes which include alcoholism and family abuse, seeing versus being seen, the power of stories, sexual initiation and abuse, satisfying appetite versus suppressing them, season and nature, and dirtiness and cleanliness. These themes…
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Instruction: Task: Alcoholism and family abuse The book The Bluest Eye has a number of themes which include alcoholism and family abuse, seeing versus being seen, the power of stories, sexual initiation and abuse, satisfying appetite versus suppressing them, season and nature, and dirtiness and cleanliness. These themes affect their daily lives of humans. This essay will look at alcoholism and family abuse as one of the major themes that is depicted in the book The Bluest eye.
Oftentimes, alcoholism occurs because of economic and cultural stress and those involved use this as a method to escape that stress. Alcoholism does not only cause spouse abuse and child neglect but also but it also determines the reactions of society to the families. Whether drunkenly cleaning or cooking, Mrs. Johnson is a heaving a mass of anger, continually finding reasons in her husband’s or her children’s behavior to vent her anger and constantly seeking escape from her grief in the bottle. Mr. Johnson, a man who listlessly plods home with sullen eyes ( Morrison 9), has a much subtle role in the family system and in the permissive setting in which the couples altercations occur. The theme of alcoholism is clearly depicted in the above examples.

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Morrison, Toni. The Bluest Eye. New York: Washington Square Press, 1970. Print. Read More
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