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After WW II, manufacturers adopted the concept behind aerosol cans and made it a significant technology for storing products. In the contemporary world,…
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Technical Description
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Technical Aerosol Cans Overview Aerosol cans first came into use during the World War II, whereby soldiers used them for dispensing insecticide (Harris). After WW II, manufacturers adopted the concept behind aerosol cans and made it a significant technology for storing products. In the contemporary world, aerosol cans are not only used to dispense insecticide, but medicine, hair and body sprays, and in activities such as spray painting.
Science behind Aerosol Cans
Aerosol cans maximize on the scientific theory that a gas outward when pressure is applied; to fill an open space. The cans are filled with a propellant and the product. The product, in this case, is the insecticide, hair products, or deodorant. On the other hand, the propellant is the matter used to get the product out of the can. The figure below is an illustration of a liquefied aerosol can.
Figure 1: Inside a liquefied aerosol can (Harris)
A dip tube serves as the means to which the product travels from the can to the user. It runs from the top to the bottom side of the can. The top end of the dip tube entails the nozzle. The user gets to access the product by pressing the headpiece. Once the user presses the headpiece, the seal is disconnected exerting pressure to the high-pressure propellant. The pressure drives the product out of the can through the dip tube to the nozzle. Once the user releases the headpiece, the spring pushes the headpiece to its initial position. The inlet slides above the seal disconnecting the inlet from the outlet. The nozzle is narrow to atomize the liquid; hence, the product is emitted as tiny droplets to form a fine spray (Harris).
Work Cited
Harris, Tom. "How Aerosol Cans Work." HowStuffWorks. Web. 26 Feb. 2015. . Read More
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Technical Description Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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