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Therefore, certain social changes become inevitable. In different societies, women have significantly gained recognition and they now have the opportunity…
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Additional sample
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Ladies and gentleman, I have realized that we are living in a dynamic environment characterized by different social changes. Therefore, certain social changes become inevitable. In different societies, women have significantly gained recognition and they now have the opportunity to pursue careers of their choice. However, I note with great concern the inequalities that still exist in large corporate organizations in terms of separation of power and authority. In most cases, higher positions in corporate organizations such as chief executive officers (CEOs) are often reserved for men. I constantly ask myself this question: Why only men are CEOs of large corporate companies? This brings us to the notion of gender stereotyping where women are often viewed as less equal to men. As such, I am advocating social change in that realm of equal employment opportunities between men and women in large organizations.
My intended change is about total empowerment of women as well as promoting total equality in terms of equal employment opportunities. There are some societies that still believe that women are inferior to men and they should occupy less influential positions in large corporate organizations but this is not the case. Women are also capable of delivering even better results than their male counterparts. I am of the view that both women and men should be treated as equal in organizations since they are all capable of performing similar tasks. I think the element of gender disparity should be removed so as to empower women to realize their own goals as leaders of large organizations instead of being treated as followers. More often than not, I have noted that our societies still believe in patriarchy where men are seen as powerful and authoritative over women. However, I beg to differ with this notion since I believe that women also can be very good leaders. They only need to be given the opportunity to prove themselves rather than undermine them for no apparent reason.
In my speech, I used irony to try to appeal to the targeted audiences to view my subject matter from a different perspective. Some people believe that it is natural for men to be chief executive officers for large corporations and they often think that women should occupy less influential positions. What is ironic is that these people may have the same level of education as well as experience but men get preferential treatment. I have carefully selected my diction to suit my purpose of conveying my views to the targeted audiences about what I feel should be done in order to address the anomaly that has been identified. I also used the strategy of appealing to authority so that they can take a leading role in enlightening others about the need to treat women as valuable assets in the organizations. Change is likely to take place if it is advocated from top. This entails that other people will share the same vision with their leaders and they can also change their perceptions about women. Read More
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