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WGS 2 - Assignment Example

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As society dwelled into urbanization, the notions that women wanted a stronger man never changed. One of the major topics of discussion is gender stratification and inequality.Gender…
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Extract of sample "WGS 2"

The website is a great depiction is of social issues that women have faced in many issues. As society dwelled into urbanization, the notions that women wanted a stronger man never changed. One of the major topics of discussion is gender stratification and inequality.Gender inequality is one of the most pivotal points of emphasis and observation in American discourse. I agree that gender stratifications are defined as social inequalities between men and women. Gender inequality remains to be a focal point for several reasons. I think affirmative action is also a pinnacle point of discussion and has some leverage. It is quite pivotal to understand that American political movements were key catalyst to channel social reform as well1. In the modern day, women are independent and have the liberty to work in corporate American. Additionally, the website discusses the intricacies of social issues that plague women. Equal pay is one of the major focal points that was heavily discussed.
One of the key things that worries me is domestic violence is another issue that is depicted as a challenge for women who are seeking to have a better life. The website discusses many challenges that women face of domestic violence in their respective home, which does draw a paradigm. The idea of gender disparity in school, government and overall progression of women is clearly hindered in these cultures.
. Cultures adhere to gender roles because they assign responsibilities to each gender based on family needs. For example, women in eastern cultures have to follow the cult of domesticity. I think this is a major issue as assimilation of women migration is an interesting point to discuss. Read More
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