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This paper uses three different blogs to highlight the different views and opinions on effects of social networking on social behavior.
The blog looks at how social networking is…
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Sur Does social networking lead to Anti-social behavior? There are different opinions and research conducted to understand the effects of social networking. This paper uses three different blogs to highlight the different views and opinions on effects of social networking on social behavior.
Do Social Networks Lead To Antisocial Behavior?
The blog looks at how social networking is influencing teen kindness and cruelty on the social media networks. The blog is in agreement that social media is leading to anti-social behavior since there are some people that are affected them, emotionally or otherwise by the content that may be written by malicious people over the internet. The blog is using facts and opinion with the numbers and statistical data on bullying and other forms of antisocial behavior highlighted. The blog is reflecting with how the past was structured and the difference that is seen in comparison to the present attributes of anti-social behavior. There is a photo of a young lady with a computer that appears disgusted or broken by a picture or a post that she has seen on her computer. The photo is social how the computer may influence a person if only it’s written badly and in the process lead to bullying and other forms of anti-social behavior.
Social media causing anti-social behavior in teens
This article looks at the influence of social media on teens. In the blog the writer asserts that there are detrimental effects not only on their social behavior but also on their academic performance. The article is examining the difference that may be witnessed in future with more students in the current generation using the same platform for all their academic work. The blog is based on opinions that have been generated from deductive reasoning by the writer. The blog does not quote other writers but has deduced its argument from a single analogy and is projecting the same to be the case into the future.
The last blog looks at the influence of social networking in children and uses the opinion by other cites and also factual information to conclude that it being affected badly. There are less face to face conversations and the children are going to grow with depleted connections with the other members of the society. The blog looks at the past and future effects of social media and does not see any form of better social behavior coming from the social media platform.
The three blogs have the same opinion and subjects and they are only spelling doom for social behavior with the current use of social media.
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