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The essence of freedom is captured in the life of Mrs. Mallard (Louise). She has been subjected to a life that deprived her right to make uninfluenced decisions…
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Element in story
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The Theme Of Chopin’s Story Of An Hour The onset of freedom may be suggested as the principle theme thatis captured in Chopin’s “Story of an Hour”. The essence of freedom is captured in the life of Mrs. Mallard (Louise). She has been subjected to a life that deprived her right to make uninfluenced decisions. She has been living under the shade of her husband. She embraces the news of the tragic demise of her husband as the onset of her freedom. Various aspects of the plot allow for the visualization of freedom as the central theme in the work.
The behavior of Louise remains the primary visualization of the onset of freedom. She is able to contain the sense of freedom within herself and disguise her joy with a sense of sorrow that is associated with the loss of her husband. However, she celebrates the onset of her freedom while secluded in her personal space and behind the closed door (Chopin 206). She remains hopeful of a promising future that will involve making her decisions without the influence of his husband or other people. She seems convinced of the end of the period of being undermined by superior authority.
Another element, which reflects the onset of freedom, is the description accorded to the sky. Louise notes of the dark clouds piling by the west (Chopin 205). Such an observation may be translated as an indication of the dusk of her oppression. Her freedom was trickling like the blue sky. Arguably, she anticipated brighter days akin to the blue sky. The blue sky may, thus, be described as being symbolic with respect to the life of Louise. The demise of her husband is reflected as the termination of her oppressive submission as a wife. Her sudden death may be suggested to have resulted from the shock of learning the setback that struck the onset of her freedom.
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Chopin, Kate. The Awakening and Selected Stories. New York: Penguin Books, 2014. Internet resource. Read More
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