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The distant echoes of my friends making the chirruping nuisance to my lazy cerebrum that wanted to switch off and have a nap. The day had been long, waiting all day for this day whose planning had been…
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Trip to New York for New Year I was somewhere suspended between dead and alive…no awake and asleep. The distant echoes of my friends making the chirruping nuisance to my lazy cerebrum that wanted to switch off and have a nap. The day had been long, waiting all day for this day whose planning had been pulling on for the better part of the year. The excitement coupled with the anxiety of getting to New York for the first time in my life was breath taking. Yet I did not feel as happy as I wanted. I had lied to my parents…yes for the first time I had to lie. I could not miss this opportune moment to enjoy with the rest of my friends. The thought of my angry father trying to hammer sense into my thick skull always sent a cold chill down my spine. If only he came to know that we were not going for a Christian convention as purported, he would skin me alive.
Momentarily I forgot about the trip and my lazy mind took me back home. It was my father sternly asking me about the trip and the convention that I was to attend. With me struggling to explain, he got rough on me and pulled me by the ears, ready to punish the lying demon in me. This was cut short by faint ululations in the bus. I woke with a start and trying to catch up with the celebration as the bus found its way into New York. The glittering streetlights and the mega buildings were just blindfolding. I was ready to pay the price of my indiscipline but not miss such a lifetime experience. Read More
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