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Claim Response Letter - Assignment Example

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We are deeply saddened by what you as Mr. Carm is claiming, but according to our evidence-based records and the hospital protocol, you were truly in the wrong. However, much we…
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Claim Response Letter
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Extract of sample "Claim Response Letter"

Download file to see previous pages We fail to understand because you arrived late for our services.
It is indeed true that for the record, you came among the last people and favor was upon you when Mr. Ottawa, attended to you like among our first clients, which is not usually the case. In as much as you report Mr. Ottawa for been late, it is not justified. These are because you are the only one that wasted time, and so, even the first attendance was a favor. You claim to be paid back some cash. I bet we are not responsible for your misfortune.
It has to our awareness of you claim, you as Mr. Carm, we deeply appreciate your raise of concern and how prompt you are. These have helped us keep track on all our employees and ensure they provide quality service at the required time to all our customers. We say these because we appreciate that without you, we lack work to do. These means that you are indeed our bosses and must put your interests first.
From the time you came in packing to the time Doctor Ottawa attended to you, it is quite clear that one hour was indeed gone. And the fact that you got overcharged for the packing slot fee; it was truly not our fault as the hospital.
We attend to our clients in a first come first serve basis. Those who arrive early are put first to be seen by our doctors, to our surprise, you came thirty-five minutes late and in turn, got lucky and served as among our first clients.
Our big question to you is where were you by the time this half past the hour was clicking? And according to you, who is on the wrong side of the law? By these we mean, who could have made you pay these extra packing fees, is it the doctor’s fault or yours?
The matter looks simple, but also our institution has a policy that must needs follow-up. First come first serve rule, and we fail to understand how you managed to cross the line before others and got the service among the first clients.
It is, therefore, with humble request that we call upon you to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Claim Response Letter Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Claim Response Letter Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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