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Project management is an important process in the achievement of the major goals and objectives set in the mission and vision statement of an organisation. Project managers, in the course of their management ensure that the major goals and objectives of an organisation are…
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Key Issues
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Key Issues in Project Management Introduction Project management is an important process in the achievement of the major goals and objectives set in the mission and vision statement of an organisation. Project managers, in the course of their management ensure that the major goals and objectives of an organisation are subdivided into smaller and manageable projects that can be used to achieve the overall goals (Patel, 17). It is the effective management and success of these micro projects that the overall goals and objectives of an organisation are met.
For the success of these projects, it is important that effective planning be put into consideration to ensure that the right people are selected. These people are supposed to have the much-needed knowledge and skills to make sure the projects succeed.
2. My biggest challenge
I am one of the people that have really advocated for the change of the way systems are run in these organisations, proposing some changes that are critical for the implementation of goals and objectives. Many people have so far come to acknowledge the fact that for effectiveness and efficiency in the management of work practices, change is inevitable.
This has seen the development of the GIS plan, which is thought to be the best approach that can be the solution to some of the challenges being experienced at present. Being the person in chance of the project, I have realized that I need to make some adjustments in my skills endowment in order to implement the problem successfully.
One of the areas that are challenging to me is the staffing issue. In general, staffing is an important practice undertaken by the human resource department so that companies and organisations get the right personnel that can achieve the organisations goals and objectives. The staffing process is quite comprehensive, beginning with job evaluation, creating the advertisements for the identified jobs and vacancies, calling people for interviews and skimming for the bets human resources to undertake the new goals and objectives (Gilmore, 34).
In as much as this activity looks easy, it may not be the actual case, the person undertaking the exercise needs to have knowledge and about wage requirements in the market and how to remunerate the new staff in light of the organization’s ability. In addition, the people selected must have the experience for the job identified. In this case, the person interviewing should have a way in which he can tell the genuineness and ability of the candidates to perform the job when offered.
3. Probable solution
One thing that I have decided is that in as much as the experience is new and challenges, I will manage to handle it effectively for the success of the plan. I understand that the standing point of many projects is always never easy, but it takes determination and motivation to make success.
What I plan to do is to carry some research about staffing and the process of recruitment in organisations. I will also find out about what other organisations do in terms of recruitment and remuneration of staff; in this case, I will have a good idea about the market prices of the wages to offer. I will then ensure that I manage the organisations resources effectively in order to have the best staff to handle the job and that the organisation remains successful and profitable.
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